DOTA2ChinaJoy Ignites the Whole Event, The Fire of Battle Still Rages! (DOTA2ChinaJoy Spectacular Finale, Players’ Enthusiasm Unchanged!)

DOTA2ChinaJoy ignites the whole event, the fire of battle still rages! (DOTA2Ch

DOTA2ChinaJoy ignites the whole event, the fire of battle still rages! (DOTA2ChinaJoy spectacular finale, players’ enthusiasm unchanged!) DOTA2 Hangzhou 2022 Dota2 exhibition officially begins, and Chinese players’ enthusiasm remains unabated. Early this morning, the DOTA2 Beijing Exhibition Hall (referred to as DOTA2) watched by the Chinese audience will hold an offline celebration press conference from November 8th to 12th, bringing live activities and prizes.

The official Weibo account of “dota2” also released an introduction to this competition:

This event will be divided into “International Invitational Tournament” and “Cross-Border Grand Finals”. The “Cross-Border Grand Finals” will be held from the end of October to the beginning of January for a total of 7 days! At the same time, this event will showcase the entire process through game live streaming platforms, including game, esports, and other related elements and videos. In addition, this event has more exciting and fun content waiting for you to discover~

From the current perspective, “djc” will bring users more surprising experiences from a more diversified perspective.

First, the players from South Korea: Aster, representing SNK, and C9, a substitute member of Group B. In this competition, Bristleback, Juggernaut, Sniper, and Lich will all appear. In addition, Crystal Maiden and Dark Willow will also appear in this competition.

Next are the participating teams: T3 team, FPX team, and LGD team. In this event, in addition to the Ice Throne, opponents from other groups will also appear randomly in the game map.

The third participating team: Four teams from the LPL division will participate in a large-scale event. This time, they will represent two factions respectively.

DOTA2ChinaJoy Spectacular Finale, Players’ Enthusiasm Unchanged!

Dota2, a multiplayer competitive mobile game produced by China’s NetEase, will officially land on the global finals stage on November 15th. More than 100 participating players will participate in the event. This includes more than 20 players from top teams around the world, well-known professional players in China, and top international esports clubs. This event is also the most anticipated moment!

First, “Dota2: Rise” made its debut in the 2021 Hero League Mid-Season Invitational in Hangzhou. In this competition, they will compete fiercely with 12 other teams. In terms of single-set numbers, the top 16 each received rewards such as “First Round Runner-up” (including Group A champions), rewards for 17th to 25th (including finals), and rewards for 27th to 29th, “Golden Week Trophy”.

In addition, the other two entered the elimination matches, two BO5 matches in Group A; a BP battle in Group B, and the second match with a half-won record. In this stage, the enthusiasm of the participants has far exceeded that of the past. However, due to the limitation of the hosting time of this year’s competition, they do not have too many requirements for the number of teams participating in the exhibition, so the selection of participants is more flexible and diverse, and the selection strategy is more diversified.

In addition, during the competition, we also discovered some special things. First, participants will receive a coin after each game, and these coins will be used to exchange for various rare items and some advanced equipment, skills, or hero skins. In addition, during the competition, participants can freely choose the “Unbeaten Land” and strive for more victory opportunities for themselves. “The Avengers Gorge” is a 3v3 team mode battle royale. “Frostpeak Valley” is a 4v4 solo battle team fight. Finally, the avatars of all participants will be revealed after a certain period of time after the start of the competition. “Champion’s Battle” is a limited match format, and participants can vote to support the game style of each participating player on the spot.

In addition, after the end of this tavern championship, “Dota2: Shadows Once More” and “djc: Grand Melee” will be released in an online form and showcase their strengths to players through live broadcasts.

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