New Giant Basketball Season Awaits You! (Break Personal Limits, Dominate the Giant Street Basketball Court!)

New Giant Basketball season awaits you! (Break personal limits, Dominate the Gi

New Giant Basketball season awaits you! (Break personal limits, Dominate the Giant Street Basketball Court!) The new Giant Basketball mobile game has officially updated with a new round of playoff content on July 8th, introducing a brand new Giant player “Kobe,” as well as new challenge levels and a challenge shop. Players can earn corresponding rewards in the Giant Players interface through Ranked and Challenge Season points. Additionally, there are exclusive badges and avatar frames waiting for everyone~

[New Challenge Levels]

The “Giant Players” series of theme events will start this week: “Offensive Chapter” – “Finish Line” (open from November 1st to November 6th)

“Defensive Chapter,” “Skill Chapter,” “Stability Chapter,” “Skill Chapter,” “Dribbling Chapter.”

The “Giant Players” series has been added to regular league matches for players to experience more classic gameplay.

▲Offensive Chapter

1. In the Offensive Chapter, players can experience storyline narratives and dialogues.

2. Each storyline has 3 challenge chapters and 4 challenge levels (unlocking the next difficulty after completing a level).

3. After completing all challenge levels, the next challenge chapter will be unlocked.

4. The challenge levels include multiple special levels, completing which will give rich rewards, as well as exclusive badges and avatar frames.

5. Upon first daily login, players will receive an extra free challenge attempt. After using up the free attempts, additional attempts can be purchased with 100 Star Diamonds.

▲Skill Chapter

1. Challenge levels in the Offensive Chapter will be reset at 5:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

2. Accumulate points with each successful challenge and unlock corresponding rewards.

3. The first participation in this activity each day will grant 2 challenge opportunities (unclaimed opportunities will deduct at reset), reset at 0:00 daily.

4. In challenge levels, only one of each special reward can be claimed.

5. Players need to gain more ranking points in match settlement phase to achieve victory in challenge levels.

Break Personal Limits, Dominate the Giant Street Basketball Court!

Break personal limits, dominate the Giant Street Basketball Court! “Giant Street Basketball” is a basketball competitive game that has its own unique personal limits. In matches, players can choose their teammates based on the overall abilities and strengths of the opposing players. At the same time, players can also surpass themselves by challenging their own limits. Today, we bring you gameplay to break personal limits and allow you to surpass yourself during matches, breaking your own limits!

Break personal limits, dominate the Giant Street Basketball Court!

[How to Unlock Personal Limits]

The matches in “Giant Street Basketball” are designed based on team coordination. Players need to decide whether to challenge the opposing team’s inside or outside defense based on the team’s tacit understanding to achieve victory. At the same time, during confrontations, players need to pay attention to the opponent’s scoring situation, allowing the team to have more offensive opportunities as a premise.

In the final stage of the match, players need to prove themselves by challenging the opponent’s score. In “Giant Street Basketball,” the matches use a point system. During the match, players need to continuously improve their personal levels to obtain more skill points for learning new skills. Additionally, the players’ attributes will receive a comprehensive upgrade.

During challenges, players need to select suitable players to participate based on the current match situation and the opponent’s lineup. For example, if the player needs an offensive player on the offensive end, they will need to bring along a point guard and two shooting guards. On the defensive end, they will need to form a double-team defense with other players. This way, players can form a team and fight together with other teammates before the match begins.

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