Under the Ice and Snow, Encounter the Plant World of the Three Winter Friends (Exploring the Secret Manor of Winter)

Under the ice and snow, encounter the plant world of the three winter friends (

Under the ice and snow, encounter the plant world of the three winter friends (Exploring the Secret Manor of Winter). The theme of this game is “hibernation”, where in winter, you will be brought to a mysterious little creature’s home as a guest.This little creature is a girl from the exotic Chinese region – Broccoli Princess! She likes sweetness, cuteness, and danger, so you need to help her. She is one of the characters in “Demon Slayer”: Cilla Vera.First, you need to find this girl in your own home. If you want to be her partner, you need to find a place with a house first, then talk to her. She will give you hints to invite her to your courtyard.After completing all these tasks, new maps can be unlocked.To unlock a new area, you need to come here, interact with her in the castle, and trigger the plot to enter the new scene!In short, this task is relatively simple, players just need to follow the main storyline.Secret Manor of WinterThe Secret Manor of Winter’s secret secret secret”Youthful Madness” is the first 3D real-time MMORPG mobile game developed and published by Beijing Xinghe Network Technology Co., Ltd. based on the worldview of the “Ice and Fire” IP.In the game, players can play a role-playing role as a cute loli, a cute pet, and a group of pets to adventure—what kind of story is hidden behind all of this?[Clue: Snowy Ancient Tree]Did you see the houses in this village being broken? That’s right! This is our old friend — grandpa. In his house, there are three children…Grandpa: I’m called Li Dazui. He’s very powerful.Grandpa: I am your master.Grandpa: My brother is my best buddy~[Clue: Deep in the Cave]There are two treasure chests here!First, we need to open the map and go to the upper right corner of the cave.Then click to enter and you will find a stone door.Then enter the cave.After entering, you can see many monsters.We need to defeat these enemies to open the stone wall.After the stone wall is opened, there will be a red ball.We need to collect a certain amount of things to open the door of the stone wall.After entering the stone wall, we can open the iron railings.After opening the iron railings, you will see a blue bird.We need to knock it down.After knocking it down, it will drop something.Finally, we can open the treasure chest.Get a large amount of gold coins and experience rewards.[Clue: Strange Plant]In front of the stone tablet, there is a green fruit.Then click on the fruit icon.The fruit will grow~The fruit grows into a white bug~[Clue: Wilderness Harvest]In the scene on the left, you can find a mischievous child looking for a magical plant.This mischievous child seems to be very smart.It is the legendary Red Fox, right?[Clue: Animal Paradise]There are many creatures in this place.First, the creatures we need to collect are wolves.Wolves are wild animals living on the plains.The other kind is a variant creature living in the marshland—a rabbit pig.Rabbit pigs are very fierce carnivorous animals, and they move fast, so be careful when encountering them~[Clue: Mysterious Shop]We need to find the mysterious shop.The shop is right at the door of the store.Then click to enter and you will be able to find the mysterious shop.After finding the mysterious shop, you can get a large amount of supplies.And then we can enter the mysterious shop, and then we can use currency to exchange for items, of course, there are various props and diamonds to buy.The above is the compilation brought by Xiaobian for “Youthful Reshaping”. As a second-dimensional nurturing mobile game, “Time and Space Hunter” (TheEcho) has been loved by users for its exquisite and beautiful art style and rich gameplay content.

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