-Ultimate Translation of Dota Underlords Slang! (Master the Professional Terminology!)-

Today, the editor is going to introduce the ultimate translation of Dota Underl

Today, the editor is going to introduce the ultimate translation of Dota Underlords slang. Let’s take a look together!

In the game, we often come across descriptions of some professional terminology on the chessboard. For example, in Dota 1, it’s called “Big Brother” and represents a powerful existence. In Dota 2, it’s called “Little Brother.” In Dota 3, it’s called “Juggernaut,” and in Dota 4, it’s called “Axe.” In Dota 5, it’s called “Hunter!”

So what do these terms mean? It’s actually very simple. In Dota Underlords, it refers to the attack range of the units you have. For example, if you have two 3-cost cards and two 2-star 3-gold creeps in your hand, your money will increase as you level up.

Will the money in your hand randomly increase or decrease? Actually, at the beginning of each round, your money will automatically increase. If your health is below 50 points, you will automatically get money. If your health is below 40 points, you will get health.

If you have three or more enemy units on your chessboard and the number of pieces in your hand does not exceed 20, you will receive a large amount of money as a reward. If there are no enemy units on your chessboard, your heroes will gain a lot of experience. So, the higher the value of the money in your hand, the more rewards you will receive.

What do the heroes in your hand receive more of? Of course, it’s equipment. In Dota Underlords, equipment is a very important item. When you have three pieces of equipment, a “+” sign will appear in the equipment slot. When you have four pieces of equipment, a “+1” sign will appear.

When playing Dota Underlords, what issues should you pay attention to? In the process, if we can master the team composition we need. First of all, we need to know that there are three heroes in the game, namely “Werewolf and Dwarf,” “Shadow Fiend,” “Druid,” and “Lich.”

In the early game, we need to use these three characters. They are all 4-cost and belong to the mage category. In the mid-game, we can decide which hero to use based on the opponent’s cards and then select the corresponding chess pieces based on the formation.

In the late game, our combat power is not only based on ourselves but also depends on the number and quantity of creeps we have. Therefore, in the late game, we must pay attention to our economy because we need to have at least four creeps on the field to win. If we fail to consume all the creeps and lose the game, then it depends on your economy.

In conclusion, various gameplay of Dota Underlords requires continuous accumulation, so don’t forget to observe other players’ card pools, such as powerful heroes and powerful chess pieces, during the game.

Master the Professional Terminology!

Master Dota Underlords and grasp professional terminology! Many friends don’t understand the professional terminology in the game. In fact, there are still some terms in the game that are used to refer to players.

For example: summoner in DOTA and LOL.

So how can we become a good commander? First, you need to understand the characteristics of the hero.

Hero characteristics: melee, magic, assassin

Skills characteristics: AOE damage, burst, control.

In the game, heroes’ skills have attribute bonuses. So when choosing a lineup, we need to consider the counter relationship between heroes. For example, if you choose Witch Doctor and Treant Protector as the front row, then you can consider matching with Witcher and Juggernaut, which will give opponents a headache.

And if you choose heroes like Venomancer who have long-range magical attacks, they will also bring you formidable damage because their health and armor are very high.

In addition, in battles, you can also use the positioning of heroes to switch with each other. For example, if you choose heroes like Beastmaster and Wraith King, who are tanky, their skills will pose a huge threat to the enemy formation and also deal damage.

Of course, besides these, there are many other complex terms, but they are not particularly difficult to understand. For example, the term “Void Flow” requires players to understand through calculations. For example, if your opponent has Warlocks, then it is possible for your lineup to have Warlocks, but it is difficult without them.

In Dota 2, heroes’ professions are also distinguished.

Warrior: Warriors are usually Warrior + Axe, meaning they usually have very strong physical attack power.

Knight: Knights are a combination of warrior and magical attack units, usually having strong defense.

Warlock: Warlocks sacrifice health to increase attack speed and continuously restore health, so they are also called Warlocks.

Mage: Mages use skills to control enemies and can cause a lot of magical damage to enemy formations. Therefore, mages are often nightmares for opponents in battles.

Druid: Druids usually use spell cards to control enemies and can cause a lot of damage to enemies.

Druid is the most powerful among all druids because they have extremely fast speed, so they have a chance to control enemies in the game and win the match.

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