Peace Elite: Secret Revealed! Create cute fairies and mature ladies (Exploring the most popular Miss Sisters in the latest popular game Peace Elite)

Peace Elite: Secret Revealed! Create cute fairies and mature ladies (Exploring

Peace Elite: Secret Revealed! Create cute fairies and mature ladies (Exploring the most popular Miss Sisters in the latest popular game Peace Elite) In Peace Elite, many players like to create cute girl images, which are also loved by female players. However, as a shooting mobile game “Peace Elite”, there have been many changes and attempts in the face customization, making the game more interesting and fun for many players. Today, let’s introduce how to create a beautiful Miss Sister!First, we need to understand that the characters in “Peace Elite” can customize their appearance. After entering the game, click on Warehouse-Fashion, where you can find the “Hairstyle” option, and then you can see the character’s facial features. After choosing the style you like, click save and you’re done!In addition to appearance, “Peace Elite” also provides various styles for players to freely customize. For example, the mature lady style is naturally matched with pink and white colors. Of course, it is necessary to handle these details, otherwise you may accidentally show them to the enemy! In terms of symmetry, “Peace Elite” is also very good, with a heart-shaped mark on the top of the character’s head, and the eyes have a circular pattern logo.Next is the choice of facial features. In “Peace Elite”, you can customize the face settings. Here, we can adjust the size of the facial features, as well as the curve of the nose and the position of the lips, which can all affect our character. When setting, just enter the adjusted parameters and save them.Finally, it’s the choice of eye makeup. In “Peace Elite”, there are various types of eyes, and you can make fine adjustments between different eyeliner colors, such as red, black, and blue iris colors, as well as purple-black eyebrow colors. Among them, the square type of eyes is more recommended because the square shape is easier to show the effect of a five-pointed star, while other colors are more casual!Explore the most popular Miss Sister styles in the latest popular game Peace EliteWhat is the most popular Miss Sister style in the Peace Elite mobile game? Today, the editor brings you the mysterious little brother style of the latest popular game, let’s take a look![Character Image]First is the female character: M416-Night Rose. As one of the representatives of assault rifles, M416 performs outstandingly in firepower duels, but it has a small magazine capacity.Next is the male character: AKM-Soul Dancer, SKS-Demon Hunter. From the name to the weapon, and even the special effects, these two characters each have their own characteristics.[Character Costumes]Next is the female character: mature lady style clothes. When wearing these clothes, it feels like you are a battlefield goddess. No matter what clothes you wear, you can show your elegance.Finally, the male character: Big Yellow Duck. They wear cute, sweet, and playful trendy clothes, wearing them is like you can’t see my face~[Clothing Matching]Next is men’s clothing: watermelon jeans, sports long socks, etc., women’s clothing is mostly short coats, which look very fashionable.[Makeup Choices]Finally, the celebrity outfit: pink hair and black dress. If you like handsome beauties, you can choose this “sexy” or “cold”.[Summary]The above is the content sharing about exploring the new version of the exciting battlefield. What do you think of this girl?

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