Play Treasure Chess at Zuma Ge Pharmacy! (Unlocking the Mysterious Puzzle in Zuma Ge Pharmacy!)

Play Treasure Chess at Zuma Ge Pharmacy! (Unlocking the Mysterious Puzzle in Zu

Play Treasure Chess at Zuma Ge Pharmacy! (Unlocking the Mysterious Puzzle in Zuma Ge Pharmacy!) “Hello~ Do you think this game of chess looks familiar?” I believe many people have been stuck with this question, so let me explain in detail for everyone~

Play Treasure Chess at Zuma Ge Pharmacy (Unlocking the Mysterious Puzzle in Zuma Ge Pharmacy!)

In the mobile game “Zuma Ge”, there are various chess pieces in the treasure tower. For example, there are chess boards of three different colors: gold, silver, and bronze, as well as colorful and gem-filled four-color square chess, etc…

Each chessboard has a pattern and a number of chess pieces to choose from, but each chess piece has its own unique attributes and effects. For example, coin bonus, experience bonus, etc.

From Monday to Sunday, the system will reward players with a certain amount of medals based on their ranking, and the number of medals will affect your daily rewards~

If you want to get more medals, come and play at Zuma Ge – Pharmacy~

Unlocking the Mysterious Puzzle in Zuma Ge Pharmacy!

Zuma Ge Pharmacy is a favorite game for many people in their childhood. There are many magical props and mysterious puzzles waiting for you to solve. So what secrets are there in “Zuma Ge”? Today, I’ll reveal this secret for you, hoping to help you all!

“I can’t remember my own name anymore, so I decided to change my name to something” This is the wisdom that old grandma has told you. Remember this sentence! The password for Zuma Ge Pharmacy is the number “1”. The meaning of this number is actually: (Number 1) ÷ 2, that is to say, this number is an abbreviation of the number 2.

When players enter the pharmacy, they can see three different colored bottles, each corresponding to a different type. The small cup represents a ruby, the large cup represents two golden snake rods, and the medium cup corresponds to a yellow crystal, while the bottom is a bag of silver beads.

And these three types of bottles are:

The first type is the blue bottle – increases 20 experience points.

The second type is the red bottle – increases 100 experience points.

The third type is the green bottle – increases 1000 experience points.

The methods to obtain these three types of bottles are relatively simple. Players can obtain them through the following ways~

1. Open the backpack and find the blue bottle in the item list. When you click on it, you will find that it is a yellow small sphere. Clicking on it will display the following prompt:

1. Players need to purchase a certain quantity of blue bottles, and after the purchase, it will turn into a golden bottle.

2. Players need to click on this blue bottle, and then click on the red bottle, so that the following figure will appear:

3. Then click on the red button on the right to purchase the next blue bottle.

4. Finally, click on “use” to use it. It’s very simple, right!

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