Analysis of the Ultimate Combination of Taishi Ci’s Strategy, Revealing the Strongest Battle Formation in History! (The Invincible Taishi Ci’s Tactics, the Unbeatable Strategy for Conquering the Three Kingdoms!)

Analysis of the Ultimate Combination of Taishi Ci\’s Strategy, Revealing the Str

Analysis of the Ultimate Combination of Taishi Ci’s Strategy, Revealing the Strongest Battle Formation in History! (The Invincible Taishi Ci’s Tactics, the Unbeatable Strategy for Conquering the Three Kingdoms!) Taishi Ci, as a veteran in the history of the Three Kingdoms, has always been a classic character in the game. So how powerful is Taishi Ci’s combat power in the mobile game “Conquest of the Three Armies”? How should he be matched? Below, the editor will share the “Divine Machine Calculations” with you all!

Taishi Ci is an outstanding strategic output general, with good burst ability and control skills. In battle, he can use his strong output and control to defeat the enemy’s formation.

In “Conquest of the Three Armies,” there are three countries: Wei, Shu, and Wu, and each country has different types of troops and generals. Therefore, Taishi Ci’s team also has its own characteristics!

【One Ride Thousand】

Taishi Ci: Swift Brave Swallow + Hundred Steps through the Yang (Assault Skill)

Zhang Liao: Siege of Changban Slope + Vertical Army Plunder (Armor Breaking Skill)

Zhou Tai: Tiger Crouching, Eagle Soaring + Ride the Wind (Support)

Sun Jian: Western Liang Iron Cavalry + Loyal White Horse (Damage Reduction Skill) or Amicable Advice/Unexpected Attack/Art of War

【Thousand Arrows Shooting】

Taishi Ci: Bowform Shadow + Cruelty without Mercy (Passive Skill) + Divine Thunder’s Might (Active Skill)

Huang Zhong: Formation-breaking Formation + Bone Scraping Poison Healing (Healing Skill) + Vine Armor (Support)

Gan Ning: Temporarily Avoiding the Sharp Edge + Luring Enemies Deeper (Control Skill) + Falling Phoenix (Damage Output Skill)

Xu Shu: Charging the Enemy and Repelling Insults + Guarding the Lonely City (Healing Skill) + Impenetrable Fortress (Support Skill)

【Many-sided and Cunning】

Taishi Ci: Thunderstrikes from All Sides + Overwhelming Spirit (Powerful AOE Control Skill)

Lu Su: Lying on the Hot Coals + Bid Farewell for Three Days (AOE Control Skill) + Burning Bo Wang (Single-target Control Skill)

Zhuge Liang: Heavenly General + Ambush from Ten Sides (AOE Control Skill) + Venomous Snake, Ghost Chariot (Buff Skill), or Da Qiao: Peaceful Taoist Method + Borrowing Arrows from the Grass Boat (Debuff Skill)

Taishi Ci: Battle Wearing Bare Clothes + Sweeping Across the Army (Passive Skill)

Cheng Pu: Pirate with the Brocade Sail + Flooding the Seven Armies (Powerful AOE Control Skill) + Relentlessly Pursue and Strike (Control Skill)

【Waiting for the Right Moment】

Taishi Ci: All-directional Surrounding + Invincible Force (Assault Skill)

Lu Meng: Fighting with Merged Blades (AOE Attack Skill), Sounding East while Attacking West (Damage Reduction Skill), Flower Substitution (Damage Output Skill), Blunting (Debuff Skill), Provocation (Counterattack Skill)

Cao Cao: Great Virtue, Carrying the World + Concealing Wind and Riding (Buff Skill), Reinforcement (Recovery Skill), Fast Movement and Action (Support Skill)

Lu Bu: Reunion of Dominators + Invincible Against Ten Thousand (AOE Control Skill), None Shall Compare (Debuff Skill)

【World Unifying Technique】

Taishi Ci: Seize the Initiative + Tactical Damage (Active Skill) + Strategic Capture

Guan Ping: Qingzhou Soldiers + Self-healing (Self-healing Skill), Assisting the Rear in Times of Crisis (Debuff Skill), Swift Attack (Control Skill);

Pang Tong: Overlord of the East of the Yangtze River + Heroic Stature (AOE Control Skill), Division and Disruption (Debuff Skill), Hasty Retreat (Debuff Skill)

【Chaotic World Devils】

Taishi Ci: Assassination (Assault Skill), Rapid Shots (AOE Attack Skill), Solo Charge for a Thousand Miles (Assault Skill), Night Raid (AOE Control Skill) + Drive the Wolves and Swallow the Elephant (AOE Attack Skill);

Diao Chan: Alluring Beauty + Charm Technique (Debuff Skill), Sinking Sands Deciding Water (Debuff Skill), Vibrant and Vigorous (Debuff Skill), Ingenious Tactic (AOE Control Skill);

Unbeatable Strategies for Conquering the Three Kingdoms with the Invincible Taishi Ci!

As a strategy war mobile game, “Unbeatable Conquest of the Three Kingdoms” revolves around tactics. Today, I will introduce the invincible Taishi Ci, a powerful hero. It is essential for every player to know how to use his tactics effectively! Follow my footsteps and let’s take a look together~

【Invincible Taishi Ci’s War Technique】War Formation, set up a war flag on the battlefield. When the forces of Taishi Ci and allied troops are equal, the “Divine Movement” skill can be triggered. When the forces of Taishi Ci and allied troops’ generals are equal, the “Break the Cauldrons and Sink the Boats” or “Pursue Victory” skills can be triggered, increasing his attack speed by 50% for 5 seconds.

In the battlefield, Taishi Ci’s presence can effectively counter some high damage and high burst enemies. If your team does not have powerful burst-type generals to lower the enemy’s troops’ health, you can use this war technique. Taishi Ci’s war flag not only increases the troop strength of allied troops but also deals damage to the enemy, making it an excellent single-target output method!

【Invincible Taishi Ci Practical Demonstration 1: Winning with Wisdom】

First, let’s introduce Taishi Ci. Taishi Ci is a long-range archer with the characteristics of long range and high basic attack damage. However, Taishi Ci’s basic attack is linear, so proper positioning is needed to ensure his safety.

Second, it’s worth mentioning that Taishi Ci’s normal attacks are area-of-effect damage, so in the enemy’s troops, Taishi Ci can use this feature to engage in battle. As the enemy’s generals move, Taishi Ci can deal damage to all surrounding troops, posing a significant threat to the enemy when they attack our side.

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