Secrets of Upgrading Guide for Aoqi Legend Mobile Game! (Master Aoqi Legend Mobile Game and Quickly Improve Combat Power!)

Secrets of Upgrading Guide for Aoqi Legend Mobile Game! (Master Aoqi Legend Mob

Secrets of Upgrading Guide for Aoqi Legend Mobile Game! (Master Aoqi Legend Mobile Game and Quickly Improve Combat Power!) How to quickly level up in Aoqi Legend Mobile Game? In the game, besides improving combat power, one way to level up quickly is by leveling up the spirits. Let’s take a look together with the editor!

Big Secrets of Fast Leveling Up in Aoqi Legend Mobile Game

1. Main Quests

Completing main quests according to the guidance in the early stage will reward players with a large amount of experience points. This is the most basic and simplest method. However, it should be noted that the experience points from main quests are based on the player’s level. Therefore, players should try to reach a level where they can’t accept quest locations due to insufficient level to maximize the main quests.

2. Daily Quests

Daily quests can help players obtain a large amount of experience points. However, there is a limit to the experience points from daily quests. Therefore, it is best not to rush to accept daily quests while doing main quests because the rewards from daily quests are very rich. If not claimed timely, players will lose the experience rewards in vain.

3. Instance Quests

Instance quests are generally simple tasks, but as the level increases, these quests will become more challenging. For example, defeating monsters, challenging bosses, etc. These quests require the consumption of stamina. Furthermore, players can only participate in instance quests twice a day, and the more times they participate, the more stamina they consume. Therefore, players must remember to use stamina potions in a timely manner.

Master Aoqi Legend Mobile Game and Quickly Improve Combat Power!

In the “Aoqi Legend” mobile game, combat power can be said to be one of the important factors that determine the outcome of players’ games. Improving combat power is crucial to players as it directly affects the outcome of battles. So, how can we quickly improve combat power? Let’s find out today!

1. Spirit Acquisition

There are many ways for players to acquire spirits in the game, with summoning and elemental card drawing being the most common. There are also several ways to acquire spirits through summoning, such as through instance boss battles or through summoning. In addition, some activities also have a certain chance of obtaining spirits. Therefore, if players want to quickly improve combat power, they must participate in activities to receive more rewards!

2. Spirit Upgrading

In the game, upgrading spirits and leveling them up are ways to increase combat power. Players can use spare low-quality or rare spirits to upgrade their spirits. However, these upgrades require consuming spirits of the corresponding quality.

3. Spirit Advancement

In addition to the above two methods, players can also use the same spirits to advance their spirits. Advanced spirits not only have certain changes in attributes, but also unlock new abilities.

4. Equipment Upgrading

Players can enhance their equipment to improve their own attributes. At the same time, the higher the quality of the equipment, the higher the combat power bonus. Therefore, players can choose to use the same type of spirits to enhance, which can greatly increase the character’s attributes and combat power.

5. Formation Configuration

In the game, players can freely combine different formations. Different hero combinations will bring different tactical effects. So, players can freely configure their strongest formations in the game to make themselves more powerful.

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