How to Reasonably Top-up in MT4 Games and Improve Combat Power (MT4 Game Top-up Tips Revealed, Let You Get Twice the Result with Half the Effort)

How to Reasonably Top-up in MT4 Games and Improve Combat Power (MT4 Game Top-up

How to Reasonably Top-up in MT4 Games and Improve Combat Power (MT4 Game Top-up Tips Revealed, Let You Get Twice the Result with Half the Effort). In MT4, if you want to increase your combat power, you must spend some money. In the game, players can buy many things with the currency obtained by recharging, such as equipment, mounts, and mythical beasts, and so on. So how can we reasonably top-up in the “Arknights” game to improve our combat power faster? Today, I will introduce several ways to top-up, hoping to be helpful to everyone!

1. First top-up

In the game, the first top-up will get you 10 bound diamonds, which is still quite expensive. If you are not a big spender, there is no need to consider this issue at all. In addition, the first top-up also gives you a 30-day fashion outfit, which is also very good-looking.

2. Monthly Card and Seasonal Card

The cost-effectiveness of the monthly card and seasonal card is relatively high. Not only do they give you 100 bound diamonds and 300 rune essences every day, but they also give you 30 days of time-limited usage rights and 30 rune treasure chest keys.

The monthly card gives you 30 days of time-limited usage rights, and also has additional daily rewards and weekly check-in rewards. So for ordinary players, the monthly card is essential, and the monthly card also gives a level 60 orange weapon select gift pack, which is very valuable.

3. Moonlight Treasure Box

The Moonlight Treasure Box is an item in the game. When opened, it will give you a time-limited exclusive spacetime treasure chest. This chest contains many items, but opening it requires consuming the corresponding amount of rune essence.

4. Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are also one of the items that can be purchased in the game. They can be purchased with gold coins in the mall and are limited to 50 purchases per month. However, the price of gift vouchers is still relatively expensive.

5. Monthly Fund and Growth Fund

These are special funds that can be directly obtained with time-limited usage rights upon purchase. After purchasing, you can immediately receive 120 bound diamonds and a 300% rune mastering gift pack, which is very cost-effective.

6. Growth Fund

The Growth Fund can only be purchased with recharge. After purchasing, you can get a 30-day exclusive “Time-hourglass” and 1000 bound diamonds.

Above are the answers to how to top-up in the “Arknights” mobile game.

MT4 Game Top-up Tips Revealed, Let You Get Twice the Result with Half the Effort

In the “MT4” mobile game, top-up is an important gameplay. It is very important for some ordinary players to top-up. So how can we top-up in the game without incurring losses? Let me share some top-up tips with you below!

First, buy the monthly card and the growth fund. These two cards can receive a lot of rewards. The monthly card has very high cost-effectiveness and can obtain a large number of experience points, silver coins, gold coins, and other rewards. The growth fund needs to be purchased for 6 yuan and can receive a return of 1 million silver coins.

Then, it is to top-up. This type of top-up method is relatively straightforward. You only need to spend 1 yuan to get started. In the early stages of the game, it is recommended to top-up with a 1 yuan monthly card, which can directly obtain more than 3 million experience points. Moreover, the rewards of the growth fund are also very rich, as long as the amount is 30 yuan, you can get many precious items.

Finally, it is to buy from the mall. In the mall, players can directly use diamonds to purchase various practical items such as monthly supply boxes and privilege gift packs. Among them, monthly supply boxes and privilege gift packs require 10 diamonds to purchase, and the rewards of these two packs are very good. If there are items you want, you can buy them.

Above are some insights about top-up in the game. If you want to know more game strategies, please continue to follow Software Park!

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