Protect Your Territory – 52.Gal Jet Soldier’s Strategic Tips! (Breaking New Ground! How to Use Gal? Unveiling the Unique Gameplay of 252.Gal Jet Soldier!)

Protect Your Territory – 52.Gal Jet Soldier’s Strategic Tips! (Breaking New Gro

Protect Your Territory – 52.Gal Jet Soldier’s Strategic Tips! (Breaking New Ground! How to Use Gal? Unveiling the Unique Gameplay of 252.Gal Jet Soldier!) Protect Your Territory 52 local Jet Soldier’s Strategic Tips! Breaking New Ground! (Incorporating all skills and gameplay, allowing it to have a greater impact in the arena!)

Protect Your Territory 52: Strategy for Jet Soldier (Specifically designed for junglers and PvP players)

Jet Soldier (Terra) is a new unit in “Guardian’s Territory”. Its ability “Zeal” can inflict continuous damage to enemy heroes and reduce their defense. In the game, Jet Soldier (Terra) is a very good melee tank, with its ability “Devastating Strike” (passive), it can increase the movement speed of itself and allied units, allowing it to quickly push down the opponent’s tower in the early game.

Skills Tips:

Jet Soldier (Terra), a melee tank that can inflict continuous damage and reduce defense. Its skill “Mega Hammer Impact” (active) can deal damage to the target and knock it back. If the target is also affected by the burning effect, the damage will be increased. This skill is a burst damage skill, so everyone needs to grasp the timing of releasing this skill and use it at the right time.

When facing high burst damage heroes, it is recommended not to rush to use the skill, as the cooldown time of the Jet Soldier (Terra)’s skills is relatively short. We need to wait for the skill to finish its animation before using it, otherwise, we might get killed.

When facing mages, hunters, knights, and other melee high burst damage heroes, we can also use this skill to engage and wear them down.

When facing warriors, due to their low defense capability, we need to minimize our damage taken during the skill cooldown period. This can help us avoid getting killed and ensure our sustainability.

When facing warriors, be sure not to release this skill during the skill cooldown period, otherwise, it will waste the cooldown of our output skill and greatly reduce our combat effectiveness, making it difficult for us to effectively deal damage.

Summary: Jet Soldier (Terra), Terra’s two core skills “Devastating Strike” must be utilized to maximize our combat power when engaging enemies.

Breaking New Ground! How to Use Gal? Unveiling the Unique Gameplay of 252.Gal Jet Soldier!

Jet Soldier is a very popular game, I believe most players who have played the game already have a certain understanding of it. But for beginners, how to play Jet Soldier? How to use Jet Soldier 52.Horse? Let’s take a look with the editor below!

[Jet Soldier 52.Raou]

Jet Soldier 52.Ivy Rain (Street Fighter) was officially released in a recent update. As a competitive mobile game, the most popular gameplay in “Jet Soldier” is undoubtedly “close combat”. However, due to its high learning curve and complex weapon selection, “Jet Soldier” has been overlooked by many experienced players. Among the melee characters in “Jet Soldier”, one of them is Lima. He was able to continuously output with high burst damage before, but now he is unable to unleash his advantages due to operational mistakes. Despite this, its strengths and weaknesses are quite obvious, that is, it has a high attack power.

First, let’s take a look at his special skill: Fury state. In the Fury state, the Jet Soldier will gain rage points every time a basic attack hits an enemy. When the rage points accumulate to a certain extent, the Jet Soldier will charge forward with a gun, causing knockback and AoE damage, and also increase movement speed for a period of time. The Jet Soldier’s basic attack can also grant a brief invincibility time and immunity to control effects.

Next, let’s look at his passive skill “Rampage”. When the Jet Soldier is in a state of fury, the next basic attack will receive additional damage bonus and increase critical rate and critical damage. This effect can last for 3 seconds. In the state of fury, the Jet Soldier can continuously attack the enemy and provide effective protection against enemy shields. In addition, the Jet Soldier in fury state can also use his body to jump and roll quickly to cancel this state.

It is also worth noting that the Jet Soldier’s passive skill “The Ranger” can increase the Jet Soldier’s movement speed, attack range, and accuracy. When the Jet Soldier is in Ranger state, the passive atrocity will increase the movement speed of the tyrant state. After the outburst triggers, the fury of the tyrant form can increase attack power and damage. In addition, when using The Ranger, be aware that the active skill of The Ranger, “Swift Stab” (launches multiple flying axes around in the air), can increase movement speed and damage. If the passive triggers The Ranger state, the Jet Soldier’s basic attack will be replaced.

Lastly, let’s talk about its unique passive skill “Stealth”! This passive effect is the best among all passives. It allows the player’s weapon to be hidden and enter stealth mode. When using this passive skill, the Jet Soldier’s movement speed will greatly increase, and after being attacked, it can directly return to its original position for a safe escape area.

Above is all the information about Jet Soldier 152.Jim that the editor has collected for everyone.

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