Strategic Version Nuclear Bomb of Zhang Fei: Rise of the War God! (Zhang Fei’s Art of War: Exploring the Nuclear Bomb Style in War!)

Strategic Version Nuclear Bomb of Zhang Fei: Rise of the War God! (Zhang Fei\’s

Strategic Version Nuclear Bomb of Zhang Fei: Rise of the War God! (Zhang Fei’s Art of War: Exploring the Nuclear Bomb Style in War!) Many players are curious about the gameplay of nuclear bombs. In fact, the different styles of nuclear bombs in the game are quite interesting. Let’s take a look together.

Zhang Fei, the number one strategist in the Three Kingdoms, and the hero of chaos, was designed based on the “Three Heroes Fight against Lu Bu” in “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. “Iron Cavalry Exterminating Evil General” and “Tiger and Leopard Cavalry” are among his core warriors. Characters such as the “Yellow Turbans Army”, “Han Family Squirrel” Guan Yu, and the famous Shu general Liu Bei are also well-known historical figures, and many classic characters have appeared in “Records of the Three Kingdoms: Wei”. In the recently updated “The Three Kingdoms of Zhang Fei”, players not only experience a completely new strategy battle, but also explore and innovate in these novel and unique gameplay styles.

[Iron Cavalry Exterminating Evil General] [Tiger and Leopard Cavalry], the representative units of these two camps are Sun Ce (Five-Star Elite) and Zhou Yu (Four Seas Dragon King).

First, let’s understand their basic attributes:

[Sun Quan (Six-Star Orange)]:

Combat Power: 42,000

Command: 95.4%

Intelligence: 150%

Speed: 102%

Unit Combination: Spearman

[Lu Meng (Five-Star Purple)]:

Combat Power: 32,000

Command: 94.9%

Intelligence: 120%

Speed: 132%

Unit Combination: Elephant Soldier

[Cao Cao (Five-Star Red)]:

Combat Power: 75,000

Command: 92.5%

Intelligence: 163%

Speed: 181%

Unit Combination: Archer

Recommended Reason: Since Cao Cao’s skill characteristic is to restore his own health, pairing Zhang Fei with this lineup can achieve the maximum effect. Cao Cao’s unit combination is Cavalry Archers + Shieldmen.

[Zhao Yun (Five-Star Red Card)]:

Combat Power: 84,000

Command: 97.8%

Intelligence: 125%

Speed: 205%

Unit Combination: Light Infantry + Heavy Infantry

Recommended Reason: Zhao Yun’s unit combination is Blade Infantry + Crossbow Cart, which can ensure that Zhang Fei has sufficient output space.

[Zhuge Liang (Five-Star Purple)]:

Combat Power: 143,000

Command: 93.4%

Intelligence: 145%

Speed: 216%

Unit Combination: Mage

Zhang Fei’s unit combination is Cavalry Archers + Shieldmen. When paired with Zhao Yun, they can be matched with Cavalry Archers + Dual Shieldmen, because Zhao Yun’s unique tactic can increase his own troop limit and cause blade damage to enemies, while also increasing Zhao Yun’s troop attack power.

[Pang De (Four-Star Blue Quality)]:

Combat Power: 66,000

Command: 99.9%

Intelligence: 110%

Speed: 228%

Unit Combination: Assault Infantry + Singular Spearman

Recommended Reason: Pang De, as a four-star hero, has impressive combat capabilities, as well as decent defense and HP. With the support of Zhang Fei’s own tactics and passive tactics, Pang De can become a guarantee for the front-line meat shield and ensure his survivability.

Zhang Fei’s Art of War: Exploring the Nuclear Bomb Style in War!

“Zhang Fei’s Art of War” is NetEase’s first Three Kingdoms-themed strategy mobile game, featuring classic heroes such as Lu Bu and Guan Yu as core heroes, and various lineup styles.

Today, I will introduce to you the advanced gameplay of the nuclear bomb style in war: Diao Chan + Zhao Yun + Zhuge Liang!

[Basic Introduction]

[Equipment Requirements]: Zhao Yun, Zhuge Liang. It is recommended to equip Zhao Yun with increased critical rate and critical damage, and the equipment can be changed according to personal circumstances.

[Skill Requirements]: Diao Chan, Liu Bei. It is recommended to equip Diao Chan with increased HP to enhance her endurance, and equip Zhuge Liang with equipment that increases magic damage or physical damage, as Diao Chan’s skill and Zhuge Liang’s magic damage are related. If there is no Zhuge Liang, you can choose to bring a mage.

[Advanced Rules]

1. All advanced art of war levels reach level 20.

2. After the advanced art of war is upgraded, skill points will be automatically obtained.

3. After the advanced art of war is upgraded, all experience will be returned.

4. For every 5 different advanced art of war, 1 skill point will be obtained.


There are still many different battle styles in the game, and players can try various lineups. Of course, if players have better lineups, please leave a message for the author!

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