Strong Traces! Who Conceals the Mystery of Identity? (Deep Traces! Who is the Real Mastermind?)

Strong traces! Who conceals the mystery of identity?(Deep traces! Who is the re

Strong traces! Who conceals the mystery of identity?(Deep traces! Who is the real mastermind?) In the game “Strong Traces! The Mystery of Identity,” who is hidden? (Deep traces!) Who is the real mastermind? Many players are not quite clear about this, so the following is an introduction by the editor to the hidden character in the second level of the game “Strong Will” called “Dark Night.”

The first level: Asgard and Jack.

The focus of this plot is to let the players know about “Asgard” because there is a secret mission called “Alpha Plan” here. And the true identity of Asgard is a member of the Resistance named Hera (Isabel Margoly).

The second, third, fourth, and fifth levels correspond to two sequels-In the third part of Chapter 7, Asela kills her and leaves her memory fragment, “Heinserreya.” So here, the editor divides them into two parts to explain.

The sixth: Olivia.

The seventh is a sealed door, but the plot here is not that simple.

In fact, in the sixth level, the plot here is “I have killed him, but now I can’t kill him anymore.”

In the sixth level, Asela dies and resurrects, and she even finds her own soul in the end.

This is the strategy for one level in “Strong Will 2” brought to you by the author today. I hope it can help you~

Deep Traces! Who is the Real Mastermind?

Who is the real mastermind behind “Deep Traces?”

“Sealed Truth 2: The Night of the End” is a high freedom action-adventure game published by Shanghai Yingyoushe and developed by Longteng Interactive. It tells the story of a murderer lurking in the dark. Players will play as a “killer” who has traveled thousands of years, entangled with the antagonists, and ultimately become the only grim reaper in the martial arts world who can let her survive and not be chosen. As time goes by, the mysterious and terrifying existence-the female protagonist who had a mysterious identity in her lifetime-finally reveals who the real culprit behind the scenes is. Let’s find out together!

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