Rose Z2 – Chaos Props Analysis, Make You the Strongest Player! (Explore the world of Rose Z2 – Chaos and reveal the magical effects of those unique props!)

Rose Z2: Chaos Props Analysis, Make You the Strongest Player! (Explore the worl

Rose Z2: Chaos Props Analysis, Make You the Strongest Player! (Explore the world of Rose Z2: Chaos and reveal the magical effects of those unique props!) In the game “Rose Z2: Chaos World”, there are various types of props. Players can obtain a variety of props in the game according to their different needs. Props are classified into different qualities, namely blue, purple, and gold. Among them, gold props have special functions. So, what are these special functions?

Rose Z2: Chaos World Props Introduction:


1. Heart Clip (increases bullet quantity)

2. Handgun (increases attack power and bullet quantity)

3. Durian Launcher (increases bullet quantity)

4. Cannon (increases attack power and bullet quantity)

5. Rocket Launcher (increases attack power)

6. Sniper Rifle (increases attack range)

7. Flashbang (increases attack distance and bullet quantity)

8. Chainsaw (increases attack power and bullet quantity)

9. Smoke Bomb (increases damage and bullet quantity)

10. Explosive Trap (can stun enemies)

11. Explosive Barrel (increases attack power and bullet quantity)

12. Freezing Grenade (increases attack power and bullet quantity)

13. Trap Rope (can confuse the target)


Clothes: Knee Pads + Leather Armor

Belt: Vest + Cloth Shoes

Jewelry: Face/Chest/Gloves + Necklace

Ring: Earrings/Badge

Necklace: Head Accessory + Hairstyle

Bag/Delivery: Items in the box, have a chance to obtain gold coins and diamonds.

Jewelry: Ring + Hat + Top

Cape: Pants + Bottoms + Boots

Accessory: Shoulder Bag + Glasses

Equipment Slot: Equipment Slot


1. Bow Tie

2. Flower Hairpin

3. Rouge Hairpin

4. Sapphire Hairpin

5. White Jade Bracelet

6. Green Pearl Headband

7. Moon Bracelet

Explore Rose Z2 – Chaos World, Reveal the Magical Effects of Those Unique Props!

“Z2 – Chaos World” is a very classic side-scrolling parkour mobile game, loved by players for its unique 3D graphics, diverse gameplay, and rich and interesting story content. In this game, you will play as an explorer heading to the foggy city, a city occupied by dark forces. The center of this foggy city is the maze treasure chest. Besides experiencing various props and equipment, what else can make you amazed in this maze? Let’s get to know these special props together!

In “Z2 – Chaos World”, every explorer will receive a magical effect, and these effects can bring various attribute enhancements to the character. At the same time, the props obtained by the player in the maze can also be exchanged for mysterious currency!

Mystery Shop: The mysterious merchant regularly sells various props to players, and players can use the mysterious coins to exchange for props. However, the items in the mystery shop are randomly refreshed!

Black Market Merchant: The mysterious merchant randomly refreshes various types of goods and props. Players can consume the items from the black market merchant to purchase the goods they need. However, the goods in the mystery shop do not have a fixed refresh time. Players can look for the mysterious merchant after 0:00 each day and then make exchanges!

【About “Mysterious Merchant in the Foggy City”】:

In the foggy city, a mysterious merchant will randomly appear at intervals of time. There will be a mysterious merchant and his friend, a thief, beside him. The mysterious merchant and their friend, the little thief, can give players certain rewards and buffs!

The items in the mystery shop are divided into three categories: common, rare, and legendary. In the common shop, players can obtain common gem bags and rare gem bags, while in the legendary shop, players can obtain epic purple equipment blueprints, and there are legendary jewelry sets as well. The legendary jewelry set will provide additional combat power for players, and of course, there are other special props too!

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