Dragons in the Sky Mobile Game: Unique Quiz Challenge, Qiankun Q&A Revolution (Dragons in the Sky Mobile Game: Master the Qiankun Q&A and Become an Insightful Game Master)

Dragons in the Sky Mobile Game: Unique Quiz Challenge, Qiankun Q&A Revolution (

Dragons in the Sky Mobile Game: Unique Quiz Challenge, Qiankun Q&A Revolution (Dragons in the Sky Mobile Game: Master the Qiankun Q&A and Become an Insightful Game Master). In the Dragons in the Sky Mobile Game, there are many activities that can earn experience and money, but some activities require answering questions. For example, Qiankun Q&A is a gameplay mode, but because it has been revamped, many players feel that it does not have any new content. However, no worries, let me introduce the Qiankun Q&A activity in the Dragons in the Sky game for everyone.

【Revolutionary Qiankun Q&A】

First, let’s talk about “Cross-Server Team Battles”: Every Saturday from 12:00 to 20:00 is the cross-zone double-line matchmaking stage. After each round, players will determine the win-loss relationship and participation counts based on the number of players from their own country and the opponent country. During the testing period, players can participate in up to 10 rounds at most. During the testing period, players can participate a maximum of 2 times per day, and each activity lasts for 30 minutes.

Next is the rules of the Qiankun Q&A activity:

1. Within the open time for the entire region, a Qiankun Trial activity will start every two hours (available all day on Wednesdays and Fridays).

2. Each participation in the activity will earn 1 point of activity.

3. When participating in answering questions, players will consume vitality points, and at the end of each question, 2 points of stamina will be consumed. After stamina is depleted, players cannot participate.

4. At the end of the activity, the system will randomly select 50 players from the top 100 players in the entire region as lucky players and rank them in the server.

5. During the cross-server activity time, players can freely choose to enter the cross-zone server or randomly match with other countries.

6. During the cross-zone server activity period, players can freely choose to participate in cross-server battles, but it should be noted that the rewards for cross-server battles will increase as the player’s rank improves, while the rewards for cross-server matchmaking will be the same as the current season.

7. In cross-server Q&A, players will receive a question score reward at the end of each round.

8. The score rewards will be cleared when the next testing starts.

9. Players’ personal records in cross-server battles will be recorded in the server’s battle report leaderboard and sent to all participating players’ mailboxes in the next testing. During cross-server battles, personal records will be settled at 10:00 AM the next day and sent to all participating players in the form of mail.

10. At the end of the activity, rankings will be based on personal records, and corresponding gift packages will be distributed. They will be relaunched in the next version update.

Above is the newly upgraded Qiankun Q&A in the Dragons in the Sky game that we brought to everyone this time. Hope it can be helpful to you!

Dragons in the Sky Mobile Game: Master the Qiankun Q&A and Become an Insightful Game Master

Since its launch, “Dragons in the Sky Mobile Game” has been highly praised by many players, and the Qiankun Q&A activity has attracted many veterans. Although this activity requires teaming up, it can also make you become an insightful game master in the game! So, for newcomers who have just entered the game, how can they master the Qiankun Q&A? Let me introduce it to you below!

First of all, it needs to be explained that this Qiankun Q&A activity is not just about answering questions, but also involves choosing the correct answer when selecting a question. If you are new to this game, you can first understand the basic rules of the game. If you are a newcomer who has played this game for the second time, you can try the knowledge panel in the game. Because there is a “Knowledge” button at the bottom right of the game interface, clicking on it will allow you to view game knowledge and the methods of solving related questions. When answering questions, you can check the experience points you have obtained. If you do not receive a reward after answering a question correctly, the system will prompt you to continue to the next round of questions. So after answering a round, you can wait a few more seconds before starting again. On the right side of the game interface, there is a daily task bar where we can find the entrance to the Qiankun Q&A activity. After clicking on it, the system will automatically guide you to the corresponding NPC. After the conversation is over, the system will randomly select 10 different questions for players to refer to. You can choose based on your own professional characteristics and preferences. If you want to play some casual mini-games, it is recommended to participate more, as it can also increase your activity.

In addition to these gameplay methods, players should also pay attention to the following aspects when participating in the Qiankun Q&A:

1. Other gameplay methods in the game, such as national warfare, faction battles, national espionage, and escorting cargo, can all help players achieve better performance in actual combat.

2. During the process of answering questions, make sure to carefully read the choices for each question. If you choose the wrong answer, you may encounter problems that cannot be completed, so you need to consider your situation.

3. While answering questions, if you encounter any bugs, the system will also give prompts. You need to pay attention. If you encounter such bugs, the system will inform you as soon as possible, so before encountering problems, analyze them carefully. If similar situations occur, it is recommended not to use cheats when answering questions.

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