Thrilling and Exciting! CrossFire Northern Region Ghostly and Shocking Release (Unique Horror Experience! Explore the CrossFire Northern Region with Haunting Ghosts)

Thrilling and Exciting! CrossFire Northern Region Ghostly and Shocking Release

Thrilling and Exciting! CrossFire Northern Region Ghostly and Shocking Release (Unique Horror Experience! Explore the CrossFire Northern Region with Haunting Ghosts). CrossFire Northern Region is about to release a new map where players will play as a biochemical ghost and compete with teammates. What kind of scenes and firearms will there be in the game? Let’s introduce the gameplay of the CF Northern Region below.

CF Northern Region (Not Yet Available):

“Desperate Descent” is a brand new PVE map. It is set in the deserted town of Datang and tells the story of a war where humans are facing zombie invasion and endless suffering. Players will play as a biochemical ghost.

The “Desperate Descent” map has four areas: mountaintop, town, warehouse, and aquapolis. Each area has different terrain characteristics, and players need to choose a route based on the composition of their team. There is a small bridge in the middle of the map connecting the entire town. Players can cross the wooden path through the bridge and reach the second floor of the construction site.

When players enter the “Desperate Descent” map, they will see a door. To the left of the door is a passage leading to a basement, and to the left of the passage is a large door. After entering the large door, players will be transported to a new space. In this space, there are not only abundant supplies but also many things to scavenge, such as grenade boxes, oil barrels, medical kits, and other props.

The “Desperate Descent” map also has many hidden locations, where players can find various weapons and equipment, as well as some mysterious treasures. These treasures can not only help players hunt zombies but also bring considerable benefits. After collecting these treasures, players can use them to challenge other players and achieve victory. Of course, these challenges also come with risks, so players need to be careful.

【Special Note】

1. This test is only available to iOS users.2. At the end of this test, users who have created characters will not receive rewards or login qualifications.3. The “Desperate Descent” gameplay will officially open on November 22nd at 12:00 PM.

Above is the full content of the thrilling and exciting (unique horror experience!) CrossFire Northern Region Ghostly and Shocking Release. For more information and strategies, please continue to follow Software Park.

Unique Horror Experience! Explore the CrossFire Northern Region with Haunting Ghosts

CF Mobile is a gunfight game based on the CrossFire PC game. This time, I want to bring you the haunting of the Northern Region! In the image, we can see that the whole map consists of three areas: Eastern Suburb, Western Suburb, and Northern Suburb. So, in these three maps, which places will give us a different feeling? Let’s take a look!

【Southern Suburb】

This map is a relatively remote island. Although there are two warehouses here, the resources inside are also very abundant, and there are also some zombie rooms. So the danger here is also very high.

In the Southern Suburb area of this region’s map, there are two warehouses, a small house, and a small cabin. In these warehouses, you can not only find weapons but also pick up many rare items!

【Eastern Suburb】

Eastern Suburb has a lot of resources and is also very dense. In this area of the map, there is a small building and a cottage. Here, players can search for various firearms and may encounter zombies. In the rooms of these cottages, players can also find many advanced weapons!

In the Northern Suburb area, there is a building similar to a water tower. In this building, players can find a lot of equipment!

【Northern Suburb】

Northern Suburb is located in the middle of the map and is a small village. There are also many supplies in the houses in the village. However, the supplies here are not abundant, but there is still a chance to encounter zombies. However, the number of zombies is very small, so if you want to collect firearms here, you must be careful.

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