Pre-order now, deluxe rewards are waiting for you to win! (QQ Dancing Mobile Edition download pre-order, exclusive benefits shocking online!)

Pre-order now, deluxe rewards are waiting for you to win! (QQ Dancing Mobile Ed

Pre-order now, deluxe rewards are waiting for you to win! (QQ Dancing Mobile Edition download pre-order, exclusive benefits shocking online!) “QQ Dancing Mobile Edition” is officially launched today. Players can receive deluxe rewards just by pre-ordering. Just log in to the game to collect. Come and download now!

【Pre-order in advance】

“QQ Dancing Mobile Edition” will start Android beta testing on July 13!

“QQ Dancing Mobile Edition” will hold a no-wipe internal pre-order activity at 10:00 on July 23. This beta testing will be open to all channels. Players can download the “Mobile Game Treasure” app on the official website or official channels such as Application Treasure to participate in the in-game pre-order and join the beta testing lottery activity!

“QQ Dancing Mobile Edition” not only has a huge amount of benefits, props, and peripheral deliveries, but also allows you to compose romantic music chapters with music and dance enthusiasts; there are also a variety of costumes and accessories for everyone to choose from, bringing you a different experience!

【Deluxe gift package content giveaway】

“QQ Dancing Mobile Edition” will launch a rich deluxe gift package.

The gift package includes: 10,000 gold coins, 1 purple dye, 100 diamonds, 3 experience scrolls, wings – Colorful Wings (7 days), 2 advanced pet eggs, 5 rose seeds, 5 crystal vouchers

“QQ Dancing Mobile Edition” will prepare a lot of surprising and luxurious gifts for users!

“QQ Dancing Mobile Edition” pioneered the dual joystick operation mode. It also supports a variety of interactive gameplay, allowing you to experience the joy of fingertip note combos on your phone. In addition, you can also trigger special interactive actions through touch buttons~

【Invite friends to win more rewards】

In order to thank players for their continuous support, “QQ Dancing Mobile Edition” has specially set up a grand prize event for inviting friends!

Players who successfully invite a certain number of friends can receive corresponding rewards. The more friends you invite, the higher the probability of receiving rewards.

Invite 1 person: 10,000 gold coins

Invite 2 people: 1 purple dye

Invite 3 people: 5 rose seeds

Invite 4 people: 1 crystal voucher

Invite 5 people: 1 rose seed

【Action speaks louder than words, hurry up and pre-order】

QQ Dancing Mobile Edition download pre-order, exclusive benefits shocking online!

QQ Dancing Mobile Edition is Tencent’s first 3D music dance mobile game, with extremely exquisite graphics and beautiful dynamic sound effects. The game has innovated and upgraded based on the PC version, and has done many optimizations and improvements for mobile phones, and completely ported QQ Dancing! Let’s take a look together below!

Official pre-order address:

Game features:

1. Supports real-time PvP with multiple players on the same screen;

2. Hundred-person team battles, endless fun;

3. Super popular songs gathered as gifts;

4. Massive benefits to win for free.

【Event time】

From now until August 31

【Participation method】

Enter the official website of QQ Dancing Mobile Edition: click to jump

【Rules for receiving rewards】

1. Players can get a chance to draw prizes after logging in to the game every day, and have a chance to draw surprise prizes;

2. Players who log in to QQ Dancing Mobile Edition every day can receive daily rewards.

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