Lux: The Fashionable Mage Conquering the Battlefield! (Ranger Mage Lux: Unleash the Arc of Radiant Light!)

Lux: The Fashionable Mage Conquering the Battlefield! (Ranger Mage Lux: Unleash

Lux: The Fashionable Mage Conquering the Battlefield! (Ranger Mage Lux: Unleash the Arc of Radiant Light!) Lux: The Fashionable Mage Conquering the Battlefield! (Ranger Mage Lux: Unleash the Arc of Radiant Light!)

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In the game “League of Legends,” players often encounter strange people or things. For example, they are often mistaken as a random person during battles by their teammates. These individuals often become weak for various reasons during battles. Some heroes like to run away from enemies and escape as soon as they are spotted by enemy heroes. These people even admit to others that they are this way!

In the recent update, a new mage finally appears – Lux, the mage apprentice. This magical adept appears to be a female character based on her appearance. She has cute little eyes and huge cat ears. Her body also contains immense power. When she attacks enemies with her right hand, her pink heart emits a dazzling light!

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Ranger Mage Lux: Unleash the Arc of Radiant Light!

In the game, Lux is a mage hero with high burst damage. She possesses strong AOE damage as a ranged hero, with her basic attacks being ranged and her abilities causing area damage.

Skills Introduction:

【Blazing Radiance】: Unleashes a powerful lightning shockwave.

Analysis: This is Lux’s mobility skill, allowing her to attack through walls or other obstacles and even pass through certain minions. It also deals area damage. Her passive skill allows her basic attacks to deal additional area damage.

【Inferno Breath】: Lux releases a burst of intense energy at the specified location, damaging all enemy units in its path.

Analysis: Lux’s ultimate skill provides significant assistance during team fights. In team fights, players can use this skill to reposition themselves and deal damage, as well as chase enemies and inflict higher damage. It also increases Lux’s movement speed, making it a powerful crowd control skill, but Lux herself is relatively fragile.

【Blaze of Fury】: Lux throws a fireball forward, dealing damage and stunning the first target hit for 1 second.

Analysis: This is a wide-range control skill that can be used to chase enemies, consume health, escape, or leave the battlefield.

Ultimate Skill【Rain of Flames】: After channeling for 3 seconds, Lux descends from the sky and detonates the area around her, continuously dealing magic damage to all enemy units within range.

Analysis: It is a wide-range damage skill that can disrupt the opponent’s lineup during team fights, harvest low-health enemies, and interrupt opponent’s skills.

Combat Techniques:

1. Lux’s operation is relatively simple. Just pay attention to the release position of the ultimate skill to easily master it. The ultimate skill must be released accurately because it has no delay. Therefore, when releasing the ultimate skill, pay attention to its position and avoid wasting it when it is unavailable.

2. In team fights, if there are many tank heroes on your side, you can directly use the ultimate skill and then use the first skill to deal high damage. If there aren’t many tank heroes on the opponent’s side, you can use the ultimate skill to engage, then use the second skill for slow, and finally use the ultimate skill to deal high damage. This way, you can deal high damage in team fights.

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