Master the Unrivaled Skills, Compose the True Three Kingdoms Dance! (Go Beyond Traditional Fighting and Experience the Unique Charm of True Unrivaled!)

Master the Unrivaled Skills, Compose the True Three Kingdoms Dance! (Go Beyond

Master the Unrivaled Skills, Compose the True Three Kingdoms Dance! (Go Beyond Traditional Fighting and Experience the Unique Charm of True Unrivaled!) Since the open beta, “True Unrivaled” has been loved by players, but with the continuous deepening of the game content and the accelerated development of gameplay, many novice players do not know how to play after entering this mobile game. Let’s introduce it to you in detail below!

As a 3D side-scrolling fighting online game, “True Unrivaled” not only inherits the core features of the stand-alone game, but also its innovative combat method makes all players yearn for the generals. The game has dozens of different warlords, each with their own characteristics and advantages, and each hero has their own distinct characteristics, such as the strong output of the Wei, Shu, and Wu camps, the defensive meat shields of the Wu Kingdom heroes, the high-output mages of the Wei Kingdom, and the control skills of the Wu Kingdom “water army”. “Fire God Zhurong” is one of them.

【Ultimate Strategy】Unique Unrivaled mode gameplay, creating the most exciting and unmatched combo fighting, super cool combo experience, let you instantly become the true king of the Three Kingdoms Dance! The generals in the game are divided into five elements: gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. Players can obtain different attribute bonuses by matching suitable military books and equipment, and can freely switch and cast various martial arts skills during the battle. In “True Unrivaled”, in addition to the Unrivaled combinations in traditional action card games, there is also a unique combo system gameplay, players can freely choose their favorite lineup combinations and switch freely.

【Rich Collection and Cultivation Fun】Endless battle maps, dungeon clearance, and other interesting gameplay make players love it. “True Unrivaled” restores a brand new world view-ancient times! Here, every lord will experience strange and bizarre stories, from the Yellow Turban rebels, Huo Lao Pass unifying the world, the Battle of Chibi, to the Southern Barbarian invasion… every scene is a real place here! In “True Unrivaled”, players can collect generals according to their preferences, cultivate their equipment, treasures, etc., make them stronger, and become famous heroes!

Go Beyond Traditional Fighting and Experience the Unique Charm of True Unrivaled!

Unrivaled games have always been a popular topic among players in the mobile game market. Whether it’s the skills of the generals, their combat power, or their defense value, they are top-notch in the Three Kingdoms theme. But today, I want to bring you the mobile version of “True Three Kingdoms Unrivaled”. The highlight of this game is “fighting” gameplay, allowing everyone to experience the confrontation of real wars!

【Battle Mode】

The mobile version of “True Three Kingdoms Unrivaled” adopts a turn-based strategy chess operation method and three different attack forms. Players can freely control characters to attack, and the number of attacks per round is limited. Players can choose heroes of three different professions for battle. In the battle, players need to rely on their own positioning to avoid enemy damage.


“True Three Kingdoms” is an action card mobile game set in the Three Kingdoms period, and the card characters in the game are famous brave and warrior generals of that time. In the battlefield, each wave of enemies is composed of 3 soldiers. Each wave of enemies enters a frenzy state in the first 2 seconds, and players need to eliminate them as soon as possible to win; In the battle, players need to constantly use their own troops to fight, arrange various formations and traps on the battlefield, and maximize their own output. In the game, the rational use of their own card characters can greatly improve the win rate of battles.

【Innovative Gameplay】

There are dozens of different types of warlords in the game, and players can collect and train these warlords to fight in their teams. Players can accumulate warlord soul stones and experience points through challenging bosses, completing tasks, killing monsters, attacking dungeons, and other methods. In the game, players can decide the order of appearance and the order of skill release based on their own situation, and arrange their own warlords to appear in a reasonable manner.

In addition, “True Three Kingdoms” also has an innovative combo system, which not only enhances the power of combos, but also triggers special effects, making the use of a gorgeous combo more surprising!

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