Explore the Unique Heavenly Wonders of Mount Putuo! (Unveiling the Skills of the Dream Journey Mobile Game, Comprehensive Analysis of Mount Putuo Skills!)

Explore the unique heavenly wonders of Mount Putuo! (Unveiling the skills of th

Explore the unique heavenly wonders of Mount Putuo! (Unveiling the skills of the Dream Journey mobile game, comprehensive analysis of Mount Putuo skills!) In the mobile game “Dream Journey,” Mount Putuo is the only nursing sect and is an indispensable presence in the team. So, what is so magical about Mount Putuo in the game? Today, let’s take a look!

First of all, there is no highlight in Mount Putuo’s skill “Pudu Zhongsheng.” However, its unique healing mechanism and powerful healing abilities have made many veteran players love it. The continuous healing mechanism of Pudu Zhongsheng allows teammates to continuously restore HP, and it can also revive dead teammates.

Secondly, Mount Putuo has a very special feature, which is its healing skill. When Pudu Zhongsheng is present, each time a teammate dies, they will receive a Lingdong Jiutian. Mount Putuo can use this skill to heal the team’s HP, and when a teammate dies, they will gain a layer of Cihang Pudu shield. This shield can withstand one physical attack and can absorb up to three attacks. During the duration of this shield, Mount Putuo’s HP will not decrease, and it can retain the HP of Lingdong Jiutian once it receives a lethal attack. This skill of Mount Putuo can play a very good effect in battles, especially when facing high-defense enemy units, Pudu Zhongsheng can play a huge role.

Third, Mount Putuo has a special skill called “Diamond Vajra Formation.” Diamond Vajra Formation is a unique skill of Mount Putuo. Before the battle starts, Mount Putuo will give all its team members a shield, and the duration of the shield increases with the level, up to a maximum of 5 stacks. During the battle, Mount Putuo’s normal attacks will increase the shield value based on the number of enemies. When the shield value reaches the maximum, Mount Putuo will trigger the special effect “Diamond Vajra Formation.”

Fourth, it is Mount Putuo’s ultimate killing skill – “Impermanence Death Seal.” Impermanence Death Seal is the basic skill of the Impermanence Buddha and the first ultimate move of Mount Putuo. When using this skill, Mount Putuo will summon three seals to attack the enemy, and these seals last for 3 seconds. After the seals disappear, Mount Putuo will be damaged by magic attacks, and it also comes with a slowing effect and seal. This skill can be used for preemptive strikes or to seal opponents. It can be said that Impermanence Death Seal is a divine-level skill.

Fifth, it is Mount Putuo’s most terrifying skill: Lotus Incarnation Skill. This skill is Mount Putuo’s second AOE skill. During the battle, Mount Putuo can directly use this skill to pull all enemies over. Although this skill only lasts for 3 seconds, if Mount Putuo can release this ultimate move, it means that it can cause great damage to all its teammates when casting this skill.

Finally, it is Mount Putuo’s ultimate secret – “Pure Bottle Amrita.” Pure Bottle Amrita is a continuous healing ultimate skill that can restore a large amount of HP for oneself and allies. This skill not only restores the caster’s own HP but also restores a certain amount of HP to teammates. It can be said to be a very useful life-saving skill.

Unveiling the Skills of the Dream Journey Mobile Game, Comprehensive Analysis of Mount Putuo Skills!

Mount Putuo’s role in the “Dream Journey” mobile game is a support class, also known as a nursing sect. Mount Putuo sect has strong healing abilities and can revive dead teammates, enhancing the team’s survival capability. So, how can novice players master playing Mount Putuo? Let’s take a look!

【Muru Cibei】

Skill effect: Restores a small amount of HP to all allies, not exceeding character level * 12 points

Analysis: This is the only skill of Mount Putuo that can restore HP. As a support sect in team battles, Mount Putuo can prioritize adding Constitution attribute points, as most of its healing skills involve healing and revival. Therefore, considering Constitution as the main attribute for point allocation, and allocating Spirit and Endurance to Agility would be beneficial, as speed is crucial in the game.

【Nine Rings Floating Cloud Palm】

Skill effect: Attacks multiple targets

Analysis: This is an AOE magical skill. Mount Putuo’s normal attacks are AOE, but not specifically AOE attacks. In the game, Mount Putuo is positioned as a healer, so it is able to restore a large amount of HP to the team in battles, while also lowering the opponent’s physical defense. In the game, the main role of this skill is to restore a large amount of HP to the ally team, but it is important to note that Mount Putuo’s healing skills cannot cause damage to the opponents, so Mount Putuo needs to have certain defense capabilities in battles.

【Six Paths of Reincarnation】

Skill effect: Applies the “Soul Sealing Mark” state to a single ally for 3 rounds, which reduces the target’s magical attack power but does not increase healing intensity.

Analysis: This skill can be considered as a powerful control skill. In battles, Mount Putuo needs to have strong output abilities to ensure its survival, and this skill can increase the speed and resistance of teammates, allowing them to stand firm in battles.

【Lotus Miracle Hand】

Skill effect: Restores a certain amount of HP to multiple allies, not exceeding character level * 12 points.

Analysis: This skill can restore a certain amount of HP to a single ally, but it will also reduce the damage received by the caster. In battles, this skill also requires defense capabilities, as Mount Putuo needs strong attack abilities to unleash its value.

From the above skill analysis, it can be seen that Mount Putuo’s role is support, also known as a nursing sect. Although Mount Putuo does not have particularly high output abilities, its healing abilities are excellent. Especially in battles, it can restore a large amount of HP to its teammates and also grant status effects to itself, thereby increasing its survival capabilities to a certain extent. Therefore, in battles, Mount Putuo should choose to allocate some attribute points to agility and strength to enhance its healing abilities, in order to play a better role in battles.

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