Exploring the Soul-Ascension Chant in Swords of Legends Online: The Path to Acquiring Mysterious Skills (Soul-Ascension Chant: Invincible Killing Move or Ornate Feat?)

Exploring the Soul-Ascension Chant in Swords of Legends Online: The Path to Acq

Exploring the Soul-Ascension Chant in Swords of Legends Online: The Path to Acquiring Mysterious Skills (Soul-Ascension Chant: Invincible Killing Move or Ornate Feat?) In the game “Exploring Swords of Legends Online,” in addition to numerous characters, there are also many mysterious skills that are well-known to players. The character Soul-Ascension Chant, also known as inscrutable, is one of them. So how exactly does this character learn their skills in the game? And what effects do they have? Let’s take a look together.

Skill Introduction:

From the image above, we can see that this character’s skills include invincible killing moves, ornate feats, counter-attack in dire situations, and revengeful wrath. Among these four aspects, invincibility and ornate feats are the most special effects. Counter-attack in dire situations can reduce the target’s maximum health by 20% and decrease the character’s defense by 20%. In these three aspects, counter-attack in dire situations is a very useful effect.

Skill Usage:

The release conditions for these skills are as follows: the character’s own level must be above level 30, then place them in the character’s skill slot, equip the character’s skill book in that slot, and click on the skill in that slot to unleash the character’s unique skill.

Skill Effects:

The damage of the skill is determined by the character’s level, the higher the level, the stronger the damage, and it also has a controlling effect. The release of this skill requires consuming a certain amount of Qi (energy), with a maximum Qi capacity of 500 points. The only way to obtain Gold (in-game currency) is through activities, and if players do not want to spend money, they can also purchase it from the store.

Above is the introduction of the character Soul-Ascension Chant in the game, I hope it helps you understand this character.

Soul-Ascension Chant: Invincible Killing Move or Ornate Feat in Swords of Legends Online?

In Swords of Legends Online, invincible killing moves and ornate feats are two actions that players love. So which one is more suitable for ornate feats? Let’s take a look with the editor!

In the world of “Soul-Ascension Chant: Swords of Legends,” there is something called “ornate” that is called an invincible killing move. This name is actually different from the ornate moves in other games. In Swords of Legends, the character’s role is capable of making ornate and ornate attack skills, but only if the character possesses ornate moves can the ornate effect be triggered.

The appearance of ornate moves gives people a sense of majesty and dignity, allowing everyone to experience a different sense of beauty in battle. Of course, if you like to use “invincible killing moves” and want to cause damage without ornate moves, then ornate feats should not be ignored!

Although ornate feats are powerful, not everyone can withstand such a powerful impact. Only the most skilled individuals will have ornate feats.

In addition to ornate feats, “Soul-Ascension Chant: Swords of Legends” also has many ornate and domineering moves. Ornate feats represent the title of a waltz, and the release of ornate feats relies not only on one’s own operational skills but also on the opponent’s reaction ability.

If players encounter some challenges or intense battles in the game, they can choose the glamorous “invincible killing moves.”

If players encounter challenges such as “Heavenly Sound Entering the World” or some special events during the game, ornate feats will become your lifesaver!

The casting effect of ornate feats can not only make people feel the fear from the opponent but also instantly change the situation of the battle. The casting of ornate feats will place you in a safe position for a short period of time, thereby gaining higher returns!

Above is the introduction of ornate feats and invincible killing moves in “Soul-Ascension Chant: Swords of Legends.” I believe everyone already understands it, so quickly enter the game and experience it!

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