Exploring the Skills and Strategies of Jade Dynasty’s Professional Gems (Revealing Unique Insights and Experiences in Choosing Gems in Jade Dynasty)

Exploring the skills and strategies of jade dynasty\’s professional gems (reveali

Exploring the skills and strategies of jade dynasty’s professional gems (revealing unique insights and experiences in choosing gems in jade dynasty). In “Jade Dynasty,” gems are an important way for players to enhance their combat power, so gem selection and combination are crucial in this game. So how do you choose gems for your profession in the game? Here are some strategies and techniques for professional gems.

In “Jade Dynasty,” professional gems are divided into attack and defense types. Attack gems can increase attack power and critical strikes, while defense gems can increase physical and magical defense. So when inlaying gems, the first consideration is what type of gem to inlay.

Attack gems: mainly increase character’s physical attack and physical defense and other attributes.

Defense gems: mainly increase character’s defense, reduce physical and magical damage received, and increase one’s magical defense.

Gem grades:

Gems are divided into 10 grades. The highest grade for level 1 gems is level 1. When players reach levels 30, 45, 55, and 65, they can respectively obtain level 2, 3, 4 attack gems and level 2, 2, 3, 5 defense gems.

Gem inlaying techniques:

In the mobile game “Jade Dynasty,” each profession has 6 equipment slots, and each slot has 3 gem sockets, which are in the weapon, wrist, ring, helmet, clothes, and pants positions respectively, and can be inlaid with attack-type stones, defense-type stones, life stones, and dodge stones.

Attack gems: mainly use attack-type gems, can be inlaid with attack type stones, defense-type stones, life stones, and dual defense stones.

Defense gems: mainly use defense-type gems, can be inlaid with defense-type stones, life stones, and dual defense stones.

Life stones: mainly use life-type gems, can be inlaid with life-type stones, life stones, and dual defense stones.

Dodge stones: mainly use dodge-type gems, can be inlaid with dodge-type stones, life stones, and dual defense stones.

Strategy and techniques for professional gems:

The strategy and techniques for professional gems are simple. The longer a player’s character survives on the battlefield, the more gems they can inlay on their equipment. However, it is important to note that if a character is attacked by enemies, they will be retaliated against. Therefore, in battles, one must choose a defensive route to fight against enemy attacks in order to maximize their own advantages.

Revealing Unique Insights and Experiences in Choosing Gems in Jade Dynasty

In the mobile game “Jade Dynasty,” gem inlaying has a significant impact on a player’s strength, especially for those who strive for excellence. Inlaying gems on equipment can greatly increase combat power, so how should one choose the right gems in the game? Today, I will share some insights and experiences.

First, let’s talk about the unique insights and experiences of gem inlaying in the mobile game “Jade Dynasty”:

1. When inlaying gems, prioritize attack gems, as attack-based professions tend to be more vulnerable in battles. If there are no high-output professions to make up for it, they can easily be killed instantly.

2. The higher the quality grade of a gem, the better its attributes.

3. Gems also have level restrictions, such as levels 20, 40, 60, etc. For example, when choosing what gems to prioritize inlaying at level 50 or 60, it depends on your profession.

4. Gem levels can be enhanced, but the maximum is only 6. If it’s a level 5 gem, it can only be upgraded to level 6.

5. When inlaying gems, be careful not to upgrade them to five level 1 gems, because when a level 5 gem is upgraded to level 6, it automatically becomes level 1, which will prevent the gem’s level from increasing. Instead, when upgrading five level 1 gems to level 6, they will automatically become level 2. In other words, you cannot upgrade gems to level 1.

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