Explore the Dark Secrets of the Village of Lessefen! (Challenge yourself, survive in the Village of Lessefen!)

Explore the dark secrets of the Village of Lessefen! (Challenge yourself, survi

Explore the dark secrets of the Village of Lessefen! (Challenge yourself, survive in the Village of Lessefen!) Many players are curious about how to play the “Survival in Lessefen” mode to achieve high scores. Now, let me bring you the complete guide to exploring the dark secrets of Lessefen in “The Village of Pain”.

The Village of Pain is a very interesting area with a tower-like structure that allows characters to climb various uneven objects and reach higher places.

In these tall buildings, you can find a gear-shaped object that randomly appears in every room of the game, but it may also be hidden or discovered.

If the previous two places are like this, then this map is completely different from the previous one. There will be various clues on the map: Lessefen’s black eyes represent his eyeballs.

So, what do these clues mean?

Lessefen’s eyes: refers to the star pattern on Lessefen’s head.

The red circle represents Lessefen’s gaze, and the color of the green arrow represents its heart.

The red mark is Lessefen’s heart, and the red mark is the yellow dots around it.

If the above picture is wrong, the picture below is correct, and the red dot represents the red arrow, and the color of the red arrow represents the small lamp around it.

So, it’s best to find the right location before trying to find these numbers.

If you can’t find it, just connect these numbers in a line.

Challenge yourself, survive in the Village of Lessefen!

In the game “Village of Pain”, there is a gameplay called “Challenge”. There are many levels to try in the game, and each level is divided into normal, difficult, and nightmare difficulties. The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards! So, how to play the challenge mode?

“Village of Pain” (Sapleater) is an adventure survival game. The scene design of this game fits its setting very well. The trees, grass, stones, etc. in the scene are dazzling existences, and the appearance of these buildings is very cool. Players need to be careful when playing the game; in addition, there are various traps and mechanisms in the map. If you accidentally step on a trap, you will “fall to death”.

In the early stage of the game, players will face three stages of challenges: the first stage entering the forest, the second stage entering the underground dungeon, and the final boss – Lessefen. The difficulty increases step by step, and players need to constantly improve their own abilities to pass.

First stage: Players will see a locked door at the beginning of the game. Players need to open the door and enter inside. In the room on the left, players will encounter a witch NPC. Players can choose “I want to be a priest” through dialogue, which opens the interface for finding items, and then click on the item in the inventory to directly purchase props.

Second stage: In the second level of the underground dungeon, players will encounter a huge skeleton monster with strong attack power. Players must defeat it to pass this level.

When the player reaches the third level, a new boss – Lessefen will appear. The player needs to defeat it within the specified time, otherwise they will not be able to proceed to the next level. Players must continuously improve their level to enter the next level. In this level, players will encounter a clown called Shadow Assassin, who will summon a large number of bats to attack the player.

The final boss in “Village of Pain” is a mysterious hunter – Elsa. She has powerful long-range archery abilities and will automatically shoot arrows during battle. Players need to be careful and respond appropriately, otherwise they will be defeated by her.

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