Unveiling the mysterious identity of CF mobile game’s new character Tianyu! (Powerful striker Tianyu is here, who can rival him in CF mobile game?)

Unveiling the mysterious identity of CF mobile game\’s new character Tianyu! (Po

Unveiling the mysterious identity of CF mobile game’s new character Tianyu! (Powerful striker Tianyu is here, who can rival him in CF mobile game?) Today we introduce to you the character Tianyu, a new character in CF mobile game. As a melee profession, Tianyu is naturally formidable. But what is the mysterious identity of Tianyu? Follow along with me to unveil it!

“CrossFire: King of Gun Battle” has introduced a new hero-level weapon, M4A1-Thunder God, which has already been launched in the CF official IP family in the PC version. “Powerful striker”, the same applies in the mobile game. This time, we not only need to delve into understanding this female warrior, but also know how powerful and dangerous she is.

【Attribute Analysis】

From the attributes, we can clearly feel that Tianyu has very powerful firepower and penetrating ability. In terms of appearance, Tianyu is a cute loli character. From the overall appearance, she has strong combat capability and agility. In terms of weapons, she also possesses cool attack skills, and her exclusive kill icon cannot be ignored.

Tianyu is positioned as a melee profession in terms of attributes, and she has extremely strong burst damage. In terms of skills, “Explosive Shot”, “Soul Dance”, and “Rapid March + Quick Reload” enhance Tianyu’s burst damage, and there is also a significant improvement in reloading speed. In addition, Tianyu has a special movement skill called “Flying Knife”, which allows her to dash quickly and damage all enemies in her path. Moreover, Tianyu can also deal high damage in close combat.

In addition, the melee weapon “Dragon Roar” has a powerful penetrating effect and can expose the enemy’s entire body. At the same time, in terms of skills, players can achieve long-range sniping by throwing flash grenades or flash arrows.

Of course, Tianyu’s output ability in team competitions and demolition mode, and other PVE gameplay, is also remarkable. However, Tianyu also has decent defensive capabilities.

From a practical perspective, we can clearly see that Tianyu’s melee ability is not outstanding, but she can still perform well in team battles. Because the team leader in team battles is often in the front, so her combat power is quite good!

Powerful striker Tianyu is here, who can rival him in CF mobile game?

In CrossFire mobile game, Tianyu is a very powerful character. As a classic character in the PC version of CF, she is naturally not weaker than other hero-level weapons in CF mobile game. So how powerful is she?

【Attribute Introduction】

Power: 80

Precision: 36

Portability: 35

Stability: 61

Rate of Fire: 16

Reload: 33

Penetration: 76

Magazine Capacity: 40/130

【Skill Analysis】

Tianyu’s skill is “Powerful Striker”, which can cause area damage and additional knockback effect when attacking; her skill “Shadowless Strike” can inflict high damage on enemies and trigger special skills. Tianyu’s exclusive skill is “Ever-changing Divine Dragon”: each time she kills an enemy, she can increase her own movement speed; Tianyu’s passive is that she gains temporary immunity to damage when killing an enemy.

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