Unveiling the Unique Equipment Configuration and Techniques of the Blade of Oni (Creating the Strongest Character! Perfect Guide to the Configuration of the Blade of Oni)

Unveiling the unique equipment configuration and techniques of the Blade of Oni

Unveiling the unique equipment configuration and techniques of the Blade of Oni (Creating the strongest character! Perfect guide to the configuration of the Blade of Oni). In the mobile game “Blade of Oni”, players can freely mix and match various different equipment according to their preferences. Each piece of equipment has its own exclusive set attributes and passive skills, and different weapon combinations will bring completely different effects. The game features a rich variety of gameplay systems. Now, let’s take a look at them!

【Combat System】

The combat system in “Blade of Oni” is divided into two types: normal attacks, ultimate skills, and special abilities.

Normal attacks: Normal attacks inflict damage on enemies by player attacking.

Ultimate skills: The character’s ultimate skills need to be manually activated by the player by clicking, and each character has three ultimate skills.

【Skill Effects】

1. In Blade of Oni, players manually select the skill effects of the characters, and the skills can only be released after the skill animation has been completed.

2. The normal attacks in Blade of Oni do not have skill animation. So when players encounter monsters that require skills to be released, remember to click the skill button to release them!

Creating the Strongest Character! Perfect Guide to the Configuration of the Blade of Oni

In the world of “Blade of Oni”, players can achieve the optimal gaming experience by adjusting the configuration. So, how can we make our gaming experience better? Below is the perfect guide to game settings.

【Graphics Settings】

The graphics quality of “Blade of Oni” is excellent, but it also requires higher player operations. Players can choose the graphics style, background color, etc. according to their preferences, while the other three options are selected based on actual conditions.

In terms of graphics mode, players can see various character attack methods and action effects information, while player screen size and skill close-ups will directly affect character movement speed and skill release speed. In addition, there are multiple musical note patterns and a special item in the scene. During the game, players can adjust the scene lighting and shadow effects in the game according to their preferences. However, if there are problems such as crashing and black screens during the game, consider quitting the game and re-entering to solve the problem!

【Performance Settings】

Players can freely adjust the performance attributes of their mobile phones, but it is recommended to slightly increase the graphics quality and effects settings. In addition, during battles, players can freely adjust the game’s running mode, sound, etc. according to different levels and monster situations. However, if the player’s hardware is relatively low, it is recommended to enable the auto-aim function.

The above is all the recommended content for the game settings in “Blade of Oni”. We hope it can be helpful to everyone! For more exciting information and strategies, visit the mobile game website, “Blade of Oni”.

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