Unlock the high score cheats behind Fruit Ninja and become a true fruit master! (Break through the restrictions of the classic mode, master unique skills, and easily create high scores in Fruit Ninja!)

Unlock the high score cheats behind Fruit Ninja and become a true fruit master!

Unlock the high score cheats behind Fruit Ninja and become a true fruit master! (Break through the restrictions of the classic mode, master unique skills, and easily create high scores in Fruit Ninja!) “Fruit Ninja” (The Game of Bananas) is a game created by Japanese animator Fujimoto Ki. It has been highly praised in Korea. As a side-scrolling elimination game, “Fruit Ninja” is not difficult, but it is still fun. In the classic mode, various fruits and strawberries will appear continuously. Besides controlling them, you can also use some special techniques to make the game more interesting. Today, we will introduce the “record-breaking cheats” in the game, hoping to help everyone.

First of all, in “Fruit Ninja”, fruits are divided into three types: fruits, watermelons, apples, and bananas. All these fruits can be eaten! So before starting, make sure to count the number of fruits you eat before cutting them to avoid wasting time due to misoperation. In addition, when the fruits appear, cutting them will not consume any vitality! So it’s best to put your finger in the lower left corner of the screen before cutting fruits.

Aside from these, “Fruit Ninja” also has a “split array”. This array can separate an entire column of fruits. However, if all the fruits are put together, a straight line will appear. Moreover, when the fruits are eliminated, they will not immediately recover but randomly appear again.

So, if you want to get a higher score, it is best not to directly chop the fruits. Wait until all the fruits disappear, and then chop from one side. If there is a little bit of fruit remaining when the fruits disappear, you need to click on the fruits on the screen with your finger to restore their vitality. Of course, if you want to score quickly, you can use other methods.

Besides these three types of fruits, there are also two types of fruits in “Fruit Ninja” that can score high. They are coconuts and bananas.

Coconuts double the score and can increase more points when the fruits are eliminated. During the game, we can use these props, such as grenades or bombs, etc!

When we eat bananas, the fruits will randomly appear in different arrangements (as marked by the red box in the figure above). As long as we cut all the fruits trapped in jelly in accordance with these arrangements, we can get a high score. Of course, when the fruits die, we cannot forget to cut them!

In “Fruit Ninja”, there is a very important setting, that is, if you cut the wrong fruits, there will be no rewards when the game ends. If you cut the wrong fruits, you will be directly kicked out.

Therefore, when cutting fruits, pay attention to not continuously pressing on one fruit, but press on two fruits. This will not only cause the game to fail and miss the game’s rewards but also affect the final settlement.

In the game, if you find that the fruits change when they move, you need to quickly click on the fruits on the screen. This can make them move faster.

Break through the restrictions of the classic mode, master unique skills, and easily create high scores in Fruit Ninja!

Today, the editor wants to bring you the strategy of “Ninja Shooter”. In this game, there are many challenging gameplay waiting for you to explore. Among them, the most attractive is the classic mode. In this mode, the score of the fruit will be calculated based on the player’s current score. So if you want a high score, you must knock down as many fruits as possible!

First, we enter the game “Ninja Blade Dance”, and we can see the words “Classic Mode” in the interface, which is one of the characteristics of the ninja. In the classic mode, fruits will appear in various colors. These obstacles will flash red lights, yellow stars, and other signs on the screen. When all these signs are flashing, we will find that the fruits will start to jump and change color, and the fruits will turn yellow and green.

In the interface of the classic mode, the left fruit column will display a row of fruits (including bombs) and three numbers. The middle number represents the player’s game time. When the fruit turns white, it means the game is over, and when the number on the screen turns red, it means the game is over. The number in the lower right corner represents the number of fruits. When three numbers are displayed on the screen, we can cut the fruits at the top of the screen into small pieces. After cutting them into small pieces, the fruits will move randomly until they change color.

We can use “quick cut” to quickly cut the fruits from bottom to top. If we want to use “continuous cut”, we need to click multiple times. After the cut is completed, the number of fruits will be displayed, and there will be a prompt. We can choose to click on more fruits to increase the number of fruits, so that the cutting can be completed faster.

The game modes of “Ninja Shooter” are quite diverse. In addition to the conventional fruit cutting, there are many other different gameplay modes, such as “Double Score”. In this mode, players can get a chance to double the score for free every day. Of course, if you want to get a higher score, you can use the three free chances every day and then use two more free chances to get a lot of props and coin rewards. In addition, in the last scene of the classic mode, there will be a hidden level called “Fruit Battle”. In this special scene, we need to click “Double Score” multiple times continuously.

The operation of “Fruit Ninja” is relatively simple. We just need to click on the fruit button at the top of the screen to slice them. After slicing, the fruits will be popped out of the screen, and the number in the screen will turn green. If during this stage, the fruits do not collide or get eliminated, the fruits on the screen will disappear, and then we can slice all the fruits that appear on the screen. However, when slicing, we cannot continuously cut these fruits. This will cause the fruits to not be able to be sliced by sliding our fingers, and the fruits may fall.

The gameplay of “Fruit Ninja” is very special. We can switch between three types of fruits freely in the screen, and the fruits are not too far apart from each other. While cutting the fruits, we can choose to slice fruit 2 or fruit 3. After cutting, it will directly jump to the position of fruit 4, and fruit 4’s position will become fruit 5’s position. After cutting fruit 5, it will automatically slice 7 and 4 bananas.

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