Exclusive Cheats for Mole Estate, Quickly Obtain Rich Gold Ore! (Revealing the Hidden Gameplay of Mole Estate’s Gold Ore, Enjoy Surprising Rewards!)

Exclusive cheats for Mole Estate, quickly obtain rich gold ore! (Revealing the

Exclusive cheats for Mole Estate, quickly obtain rich gold ore! (Revealing the hidden gameplay of Mole Estate’s gold ore, enjoy surprising rewards!) Hello everyone, I am an experienced player from Mole Estate! In the game, we can discover many interesting hidden gameplay, such as the mysterious merchant NPC we are going to talk about today. It is a very rare ore in Mole Estate mobile game and can be used to exchange for high-quality furniture or decorations. But many players don’t know how to obtain this item! So let’s uncover the hidden gameplay of Mole Estate’s gold ore.【Fishing Guide】First, we need to know the fishing method. Fishing requires bait and a fishing net, and these two items can be purchased at Mason’s shop. In Mason’s shop, find the Junior Seed Store and the Intermediate Seed Store, where you can buy the bait. When planting on the farm, you can find Auntie Flower and the Intermediate Guide to buy the junior fishing rod. If you obtain it through other means, you can buy advanced bait at Mason’s shop. When our level reaches a certain level, we can go to buy an advanced fishing rod.Then we enter the interface of Mason’s shop, where we can find an NPC called “Super Ram”. Talk to him and choose “I want to get stronger” to get a Super Ram card. In the Super Ram card, you can randomly draw an item, and we can use these items to exchange for decorations, furniture, equipment, buildings, and other things.After exchanging all the rewards, click on the “Redeem” button in the lower right corner.After we have exchanged the rewards, we will receive a large amount of gold coins, and gold coins can be used to exchange for various items such as strawberry ice cream, carrot rice, dragon fruit double scoop melon, and other props. So, don’t forget to redeem after exchanging all the items!【Collection Quest】In the game, we can obtain a lot of ores through collection quests, and these ores come in various types. For example, stones, wood, iron ore, hemp cloth, etc. Although the quantity may not be large, they are relatively common minerals. Items like wooden boards, bricks, and floors are commonly used minerals. As long as we collect all these items, we can exchange for various things in the game.Above is the introduction to the mysterious merchant in Mole Estate. I hope it can help all players.Revealing the Hidden Gameplay of Mole Estate’s Gold Ore, Enjoy Surprising Rewards!Gold ore is a very important item in the game “Mole Estate”. It can be used not only for mining but also for selling to Auntie Flower or Nick. It can not only be used for trading but also for purchasing furniture and decorations, so gold ore plays a very big role in the game. Today, we will unveil the hidden gameplay of gold ore in Mole Estate to help everyone understand this mysterious thing faster!As the name suggests, gold ore is a relatively rare item. It can be used for decoration in your own home, sold, and even used for some activity quests. Therefore, if players want to obtain this rare resource, they need to accumulate more. Gold coins are one of the hard currencies in the game “Mole Estate”. If players have enough money, they can use gold beans to exchange for these resources. In addition, we can also harvest gold ore through planting.There are many ways to obtain gold ore, one of which is to find Mason. After finding him, he will sell gold coins to you. Another method is to harvest in a friend’s home. These two methods are relatively simple.Gold ore can be used to purchase materials for various buildings, such as floors, walls, and houses, etc. The importance of these materials in the game is obvious, so don’t ignore it while playing, after all, the importance of gold coins in the game is self-evident!

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