Exclusive Analysis of the 520 Couple Skins in Love of Time, Liu Bei and Sun Shangxiang’s Love Story Continues! (Liu Bei and Sun Shangxiang 520 Couple Skins, Countdown to Hot Sale!)

In the mobile game \”Love of Time\”, five new couple skins for characters are com

In the mobile game “Love of Time”, five new couple skins for characters are coming soon. Two of the popular female leads are “Amaterasu” and “Xiaoqiao”. These two girls are affectionately referred to as the Three Sisters by players. They are high burst damage output characters with light and dark attributes, both possessing strong attack power.

Today, the author will bring you the exclusive limited skins of the two male heroes in this collaboration – Twins, Bride and Vow, along with their new voice lines.

【■First Group: Snow White】

She wields the Moon Goddess Holy Sword, and her thoughts turn into golden radiance swirling in the world.

Her love will last forever, only to convey the wish of guarding herself to the most precious person in her heart…

【Second Group: Falling Stars in the Starry Sky】

When the galaxy shatters, it will turn into shooting stars, praying to receive his response.

【Third Group: Cherish and Stay Together】

When night falls, the roses in the sky fall like raindrops,

but she remains asleep here, unable to wake up.

【Fourth Group: Happy Times】

Sweet love is not limited to just this moment.

【Fifth Group: Gentle Healing】

If someone is willing to help heal, they will not suffer any harm,

but instead can accompany them, spending this beautiful world together…

Liu Bei and Sun Shangxiang 520 Couple Skins, Countdown to Hot Sale!

Liu Bei and Sun Shangxiang 520 Couple Skins, Countdown to Hot Sale!

From May 20th to May 27th, “King of Glory” and “Call of Duty: Warzone 3” will officially launch the popular CP voting. The top 16 couple skins in the votes will be available for sale in the store from May 20, 2021 to February 1, 2022 (only on the day).

Among them, in the period from April 2018 to early 2019, “King of Glory” and “Call of Duty” respectively received 10 “Wugu Man Cang” pool praises. Between early April and the end of 2020, they respectively received 12, 18, and 25 “Wugu Fengdeng”. According to the voting results, these two skins are respectively from “King of Glory” and are divided into two batches for selection.

According to leaked information, the box office of “Liu Bei – Dragon of the Wind” and “Sun Shangxiang – Fruit Sweetheart” ranked first on the dual ranking list of “King of Glory” and “Call of Duty Mobile”.

Based on the previous voting results, the box office occupancy rate of “Liu Bei – Dragon of the Wind” was the highest. From late April to mid-August last year, “King of Glory” won 11 votes for the match slots, and judging from the popularity of “Liu Bei – Dragon of the Wind”, “Sun Shangxiang – Fruit Sweetheart” is also one of the most popular CP skins. (PS: The top four CP skins in this round of voting all come from this skin)

However, compared with the three previous limited skins, the price difference of the “Liu Bei- Dragon of the Wind” skin is not particularly significant, so you can rest assured to purchase it. Of course, if you have already obtained popular couple skins such as “Sun Shangxiang – Meteor Serenade”, “Marco Polo – Passionate Green Grass”, “Zhou Yu – Xiaoqiao” in the past few days, the price of the “Liu Bei- Dragon of the Wind” skin will definitely be much lower than other couple skins. So, if you are lucky enough to have these two classic couple skins, don’t miss out!

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