Revelation of the Dawn Race in EVE: Exploring the Mysterious Race of the EVE Universe (Rediscovering the Entire Races of EVE: Understanding the Unique History and Culture of the Dawn Race)

Revelation of the Dawn Race in EVE: Exploring the Mysterious Race of the EVE Uni

Revelation of the Dawn Race in EVE: Exploring the Mysterious Race of the EVE Universe (Rediscovering the Entire Races of EVE: Understanding the Unique History and Culture of the Dawn Race) Introduction.

In “EVE Online,” there are three major races: human, machine, and cosmic. These three races belong to one of the four major races, and players need to choose one to join. Humans and machines belong to the same race, but they have different technological levels. The positions of these three races in the universe are also different. As a multiplayer game, there are naturally many players who are attracted to these types of humans or aliens.


The highest rulers of civilization, with Ethereum as their main architecture.

Population: ★★

Cultural Level: 1

Social Level: 5th tier

Industrial Level: 2

Military Level: 3rd tier

Economic Capacity: ★

Humans are a typical aristocratic race, and their culture and civilization are very distinctive. During the interstellar war, due to the control of the Imperial Army at that time, many conflicts arose between the human army and the human race. Therefore, the people of the human race established a huge trade system on the planet to sustain their development. Although the population of the human race is small, their research level and production capacity are excellent, ranking among the top in other races.


One of the highest levels of civilization, with powerful armored weapons.

Population: ★☆☆

Cultural Level: 10

Community Level: 4th tier

Citizen Count: 9

Economic Capacity: ★★☆

Technological Level: ★★☆☆

Mechs are a relatively common clan. They are a group of tribes with wisdom and leadership abilities. However, they have established unique bases within the galaxy. Mechs have much faster cruising speeds on various planets compared to other races, and their defensive capabilities are also much higher than other races. However, the life value and shield value of mechs are lower than other races, so their military strength is outstanding.


The highest level of civilization.

Population: ★★★★

Cultural Level: 6th tier

City Hall Count: ★★★★

Social Level: 7th tier

Resident Count: 15

Economic Capacity: ★★

Technological Level: ★

Mobility: ★

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Rediscovering the Entire Races of EVE: Understanding the Unique History and Culture of the Dawn Race

Many players who have just started playing EVE really like this type of game and have also joined the Dawn Race in EVE Online. Would you like to know more about the characteristics of each race in this universe? Today, let me introduce to you, hoping it will be helpful to everyone.

[Humans] – Mechanical beings in the tech tree. Technological development is the ultimate goal of humans, and their technology can enhance their own technological level, engage in free trade between stars, and create a powerful nation.

In the period of civilizational rise and fall, human technological development can no longer match that of others, and various civilizations have appeared on the planets, including some technology-dominated civilizations, such as Kroshan in the solar system. The development speed of technologies such as laser pulse is much higher than that of humans. As a brand new nation, the Dawn Race has its own unique history and culture. Humans already have a strong influence in modern society, but at the same time, due to their small population, their research level and military strength are relatively weak. Therefore, the demand for resources is not high for humans. However, their research level is quite good, as their research ability can prolong their survival time in battle and increase their attacking power.

[Insect Race] – Biological beings in the tech tree. They are leaders and rulers of insects. The civilization of insects originated during the moonlight period, where they lived, gathered, hunted, and engaged in various activities on the surface of the Earth. They possess unique technologies and knowledge systems and have many special abilities, including flight, exploration, construction, mining, and research. However, they do not have the ability to directly harm humans. In the future interstellar era, insects have become a very special existence, possessing excellent development and production efficiency in the universe.

Insects are one of the inheriting families of the insect race, and they have high intelligence. Therefore, the insect race will develop faster in the future. The insect race is the most outstanding civilization in the universe and is the most intelligent of all interstellar civilizations. There are many unknown secrets in the history of insect civilization, such as nebulae, alien creatures, etc. In addition, insects have quite formidable abilities and can even create super Wormholes to destroy enemy bases.

[Insect Race] – Mechanical beings in the tech tree, also the highest rulers and leaders of insects. The civilization of insects originated during the moonlight era, and the civilization of insects has undergone many changes. Although the industrial level of the insect race is not as good as that of humans, their technological level and scientific level are top-notch. They have a high reserve of historical knowledge and can use this information to build their own fleets, thereby establishing a powerful army in the universe. The development path of the insect civilization is relatively fixed, but because of their low research level, the insect race is also an indispensable race in the future interstellar era. Insects are the most dangerous existence in the extraterrestrial natural environment.

The civilization of insects has a widespread reputation on the planet and has a certain economic foundation. Therefore, the insect civilization has always been the world’s largest economy. Insects have a wide range of wealth accumulation.

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