Interstellar Swift: Unique Strategy Analysis for Dealing with Star Worm Invasion (War Spread: A Relevant Counterattack Guide for Star Worm Invasion)

Interstellar Swift: Unique Strategy Analysis for Dealing with Star Worm Invasio

Interstellar Swift: Unique Strategy Analysis for Dealing with Star Worm Invasion (War Spread: A Relevant Counterattack Guide for Star Worm Invasion), “Interstellar Swift: Unique Strategy Analysis for Dealing with Star Worm Invasion” is the first sci-fi mecha mobile game under War Spread, with many challenging PVE levels, including “Star Worm Invasion,” “Sky Gate,” and “Space Cannon.” Today, we will introduce the unique strategies to counter the Star Worm invasion.

During battles, the Star Worms do not actively attack players but instead launch attacks on their fleets! Before the Star Worm invasion, players need to choose a faction and place carrier aircraft in suitable positions on the map to defend. They also need to consider the Star Worms’ movement speed, missile attack range, and missile damage radius.

When the Star Worms invade, players can freely control their fleet and set up defense formations for counterattacks.

The defending side will receive additional score bonuses, but this is only for the first defense. Subsequent defenses will gradually increase in score.

In battles, the system will rank players based on the total damage and damage inflicted on the Star Worms. Top-ranking players will receive higher rewards.

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War Spread: A Relevant Counterattack Guide for Star Worm Invasion

In the war strategy mobile game “War Spread,” countering the relevant Star Worm invasion is the core content of the game. The battle mode in the game is very diverse, with many special levels and gameplay apart from the regular levels. Let’s learn more together!

As a large-scale real-time strategy MMORPG, “War Spread” is loved by players for its exquisite and gorgeous graphics and exciting main theme. Especially representative are the “war machines,” which possess powerful attributes and skills that intensify the desire for enemy attacks. An important system in “War Spread” is the War Union, where players can join or create a war union to continuously attack enemies and gain powerful combat bonuses. As the game develops, the war unions players can build will become stronger and stronger.

The war union is one of the core systems in “War Spread” and provides combat bonuses for players. The more members a war union has, the more players’ abilities in the game will be enhanced. After joining a war union, players can choose their desired faction and freely set up formations. Before battles, they can also adjust their battle formations by spending gold coins, diamonds, and other resources to adapt to different combat situations.

In battles, players need to enter the troops interface by clicking the troop button at the bottom of the screen. Within the interface, there are three icons: troop name, number of troops, troop configuration, and expedition troops. Players can view their formations and the war union’s situation. After choosing a faction to join a war union, players can see their war union information at the top left corner by clicking the icon of that unit, and they can view it.

The members of the war union are divided into three categories: military, economic, and technological. Players can match the units according to their preferences. The higher the rank of the war union, the higher the war merit and experience rewards it can obtain. The better the rank of the war union, the better the rewards.

The members of the war union are divided into four categories: normal members, elite members, and rare leader members. Players can set up the corps according to their needs. At the same time, in the officer page, players can view their official position levels. When the rank level increases, more functions and rewards will be unlocked!

Apart from military achievements, players can also purchase items in the war union store, including basic equipment, skill books, etc. These items can enhance their own strength. As for some advanced items, players can obtain them by spending money or diamonds in the military arsenal. In addition, players can also use the decomposition system in battles to decompose low-level equipment, skill books, gemstones, and hero upgrade materials that they do not need to obtain materials, material fragments, etc.<!-


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