Lin Junjie passionately assists in the countdown to the third test of “Yulong in Heaven” (The third surprise test of “Yulong in Heaven” is here, Lin Junjie’s frenzy sets off a Three Kingdoms craze)

Lin Junjie passionately assists in the countdown to the third test of \”Yulong i

Lin Junjie passionately assists in the countdown to the third test of “Yulong in Heaven” (The third surprise test of “Yulong in Heaven” is here, Lin Junjie’s frenzy sets off a Three Kingdoms craze). On the evening of March 19th, “China Game”, the well-known male protagonist Liu Tao and Zhang Fei led the “National War” series movies “Four Corners of the World” and “Turmoil” and the classic TV drama “Tang Dynasty Western Region” produced by Wang Yuanji as the set producer.

As the first domestic national war mobile game, “Yulong in Heaven” started its third closed beta test in April 2017. This test is a limited closed beta, and its exquisite graphics and wonderful storylines have been loved by many players. The welfare activities of this test have also attracted many old fans to come and observe and discuss. In this third test, Lin Junjie personally unveiled the most representative characters of the Three Kingdoms period: the Martial Saint – Chen Deng, Strategist – Li Ru, General – Cao Zhi, and a series of historical famous generals will also appear one after another and reshape the world! In addition, many mysterious new gameplays such as Red-faced Handsome Guy and Blue-eyed Cute Girl will soon debut!

In addition to the previously revealed highlights, the official of “Yulong in Heaven” also announced that a new gift code will be launched, and the gift code will be officially released on September 29th, when it can be used for lottery.

It is worth mentioning that the countdown activity for the third test of “Yulong in Heaven” will be officially launched in mid-August. “Yulong in Heaven” has not only made major upgrades in the plot, but also made a lot of optimization and adjustments for the characteristics of the mobile end. In order to facilitate everyone’s understanding, the free gift code given this time has also been published on the official website and the public account. Just click to receive it on the public account and you can receive a rich reservation gift pack, including a large number of silver coins and props rewards.

During the open beta period, “Yulong in Heaven” will also launch a new cross-server guild system. In the guild members of servers that have been created for 7 days, you can choose to join a guild and defend your homeland together with other guilds!

At the same time, during the second test, we will also launch exclusive avatar frames, and also launch a full range of professional appearances. In addition to this, we will also distribute various gifts through WeChat and QQ platforms, including players who bind their mobile numbers and game accounts will receive corresponding rewards.

The Surprise Presentation of the Third Test of “Yulong in Heaven”, Lin Junjie Sets Off a Three Kingdoms Craze

With the arrival of the third test of the “Yulong in Heaven” mobile game, the game’s graphics, character images, and gameplay have continuously changed. As one of the ancient Chinese historical masterpieces, “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” unfolds many wonderful historical storylines in the background of one thousand and one nights. “Yulong in Heaven” officially enters the national war era from 450 BC. “Yulong in Heaven” (also known as SLG) is an instant MMORPG mobile game published by Tencent and developed by Kunlun Games (Shanghai). Recently, Netease’s “King of Warriors” Lin Junjie participated in this battle with a large number of loyal players. Lin Junjie and Liu Bei led their armies to attack Liaodong together with Cao Cao.【Creating a New Era】

A new 3D strategy battle mobile game “Yulong in Heaven”. During the second test, players will experience a brand new PvP mode. In order to provide users with a better experience and feeling, a new system called the national team has been added to the game. The national flag system of the game is composed of the regions occupied by legions, and the national team will play an important role in national wars. After the national war, the national team will receive a large amount of experience rewards. The significant increase in national power and military power has made national wars more interesting, and there are also more types of troops. In addition, the national team can not only provide very high attribute bonuses, but also use various skills in battles. The addition of the national team makes the entire battlefield full of variables and unknowns.【Endless Fun in Rich Gameplay】

The classic dungeons in the game have also become the favorite places for players to play. When you complete one or more main quests, different dungeons will be unlocked. As the level increases and the difficulty of the dungeons increases, the difficulty will also increase. As players’ reputation and merit continue to increase, they can challenge higher-level dungeons to obtain higher-level items and equipment. The monsters in the dungeons not only drop rare equipment, but also various materials.【Passionate Battle Reignites the Passion】

In addition to rich dungeons, “Yulong in Heaven” also has many fun content waiting for you to discover! For example, in the Battle of Guandu, players will encounter different types of generals to challenge. In addition, the game has added PVE dungeons and PVP dungeons, making the game more playable and strategic.This is the latest content about “Yulong in Heaven”. We believe that after reading this article, the readers will gain something. If you want to learn more related information, please follow the Mobile Game website.

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