Master Judo strategies, the way of a male high school student’s gaming skills! (Breaking stereotypes, the male Judo champion is actually a gaming enthusiast?!)

Master Judo strategies, the way of a male high school student\’s gaming skills!

Master Judo strategies, the way of a male high school student’s gaming skills! (Breaking stereotypes, the male Judo champion is actually a gaming enthusiast?!) Judo Master is a very good 3D side-scrolling action mobile game, and the gameplay of the male student in this game is very unique. Each character in the game has their own characteristics and style, and the characters in the game also have their own distinct features, such as always carrying a hammer or a sword-like melee weapon, but the methods of using these skills are different. Let’s share them with everyone below!

In “Judo Master,” the male high school student is a very skilled person. He has three moves: Charge, Slide Step, and Jump. These moves have different effects and purposes. The Slide Step move is relatively simple and practical, and can be used in the early stages of the game; the Jump move tests the player’s skills; and the final Jump move can be followed by continuous heavy blows using a small stick.

Although these three moves are powerful, mastering the timing of their execution requires some skills. To master these three moves proficiently, it is necessary to practice a lot. In the early stages of the game, players can start by using Charge, quickly grab the opponent’s leg, place a roller under the opponent’s feet, knock the opponent into the air, and then follow up with other attacking skills. This way, the opponent will suffer a lot of damage and fall to the ground. However, when the player uses this move, the opponent will be continuously comboed, and ultimately, the opponent may counter-kill!

The male college student actually has many techniques, and as long as everyone is familiar with the game rules, they can master them skillfully and become an expert at clearing levels!

Breaking stereotypes, the male Judo champion is actually a gaming enthusiast?!

In the live stream of “Hearthstone” yesterday morning, a gaming enthusiast from Japan and Korea defeated international competitors with Judo, and ultimately won first place in the competition, breaking stereotypes that the male Judo champion is a gaming enthusiast.

His teammate, Cydoin, made a mistake that led to a loss in the competition, so he sent his team to the stage of the World Finals and won a battle. But in the end, Cydoin defeated the G-GO team with a score of 3:2 and then entered the KPL arena with them.

Many players at the scene were also shocked by this result. Why did this happen? In fact, there have been many questions after this match, such as this so-called “stereotype,” and even some wrong information.

First of all, let’s take a look at how the male Judo champion became a gaming enthusiast.

As a beginner, Cydoin’s gameplay is relatively simple. But his most common ways of playing include positioning, running, jumping, and other actions. He uses linear movement skills, and he also uses fast movement. Furthermore, he often uses acceleration or flash techniques to dodge the opponent.

Finally, he encountered another player, Jess, whose team lacked the ability to control characters flexibly like before. But in the game, players often need to adjust the character’s actions through various means, such as running, swimming, gliding, and climbing. With such operations, Jess’s overall rhythm becomes very fast. In the game, he can control the direction using the props he holds, and even change the character’s direction using these props.

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