Dream Journey Mobile Game: Exploring the Exciting New Battle Gameplay of Swift Empty Hands! (Master the Swift Empty Hands skill and become the strongest warrior in Dream Journey Mobile Game!)

In the new expansion \”Three Realm Adventures\” launched today. Click on \”Mystic

In the new expansion “Three Realm Adventures” launched today. Click on “Mystic Paradise” on the main interface of the game to enter the new map – Swift Empty Hands. During the exploration, players will encounter different types of monsters. Each type of monster has its own unique skills and characteristics, which can have unexpected effects in battle.

In addition to monsters, Swift Empty Hands also provides special skills! Swift Empty Hands has two special active attack spells, “Breaking the Cauldron” and “Tornado Rain Strike”. As the battle progresses, players will also unlock an additional ultimate skill to help them defeat the boss.

During the adventure, players can also enhance their own strength by using various props – although Swift Empty Hands is not yet available, you can still understand its power before the challenge. Additionally, you can also set them to your team, making it convenient to replenish the medicinal resources you need at any time.

In addition, you can also receive rich rewards by completing daily tasks to increase your activity level. Once your activity level reaches a certain value, you can also receive a weekly treasure chest, which provides abundant rewards and allows you to quickly improve your level and strength.

It is worth mentioning that the mobile game “Dream Journey” has also launched many powerful new features in the test server, allowing every player to experience its charm. For example, as long as you complete a certain activity, you can obtain a precious treasure map, and there is a certain chance to obtain rare items such as advanced beast skills and advanced monster techniques when excavating the treasure map! In addition to these, you can also improve your team’s strength by participating in “sect challenges”, “faction competitions”, and some special daily gameplay. These gameplay not only provide experience rewards in battle but also provide buff effects in daily activities, boosting your combat capabilities.

In battle, you can also collect temporary symbols, medicines, or formation books to enhance your combat power.

Master the Swift Empty Hands skill and become the strongest warrior in Dream Journey Mobile Game!

In the Dream Journey Mobile Game, many players know the importance of warriors in PvP, especially in solo battles. However, many players do not know how to use these skills to defeat enemies. Let’s take a look at these powerful skills in the game.

【Anger skill – Chain Attack】:

This skill does not have much damage but can increase its own attack speed by 20%. If the Dragon Palace’s “Tornado Rain Strike” can cause a lot of damage to the target, then in the game, “Dragon Soar” can directly reduce the enemy’s defense for 2 rounds. Therefore, “Dragon Soar” can directly reduce the enemy’s defense, and “Dragon Roar” can directly add an extra attack to the Dragon Palace’s “Tornado Rain Strike”.

【Anger skill – Projected Destruction】:

This skill is also a group attack skill and can also reduce physical damage status for 3 rounds. However, the editor thinks that when using this skill in the game, it is best to cooperate with the Great Tang Government. In battle, as long as the player can reduce the enemy’s damage status, the Dragon Palace can directly sweep the enemy’s entire team in the next few rounds of attack.

【Anger skill – Beast Power】:

This skill is also a group attack skill and can reduce the target’s speed by 5% for 3 rounds. Although it cannot directly increase the magic damage caused by oneself to the enemy, it can make the player’s attack target reach the highest value for 3 rounds. In the game, if players want to obtain a decent output character, they should consider increasing their physical defense ability in their equipment choices, and if they want to obtain spell damage ability, they can prioritize increasing their own spell critical strike ability in their equipment choices.

【Anger skill – Counterattack Technique】:

This skill is a counterattack skill that makes the first attack received not affected by counterattack. However, since this skill cannot be protected, it seems a bit redundant for factions like the Great Tang Government and Lion Camel Ridge. Therefore, in the game, it is best for players to choose a counterattack skill.

Summary: In the game, the strength of warriors lies in their ability to survive. Therefore, in battle, players must learn how to use skills to deal high damage.

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