Fantasy Zhuxian: Forge ahead, the best strategy for exploring the magical realm (Fantasy Zhuxian: Big Secrets Revealed, the secret cheats for playing the immortal world)

In \”Fantasy Zhuxian,\” if players want to level up quickly and improve their own

In “Fantasy Zhuxian,” if players want to level up quickly and improve their own strength, they must play some challenging tasks. However, some tasks are difficult for beginner players to complete. At this time, let me teach you how to obtain the best strategy in exploring the magical realm.

1. Team up and find a place with reliable people. Avoid places with fewer people.

2. After forming a team of three, find a boss that you can defeat and challenge it.

3. It is better not to go AFK (Away From Keyboard) when fighting the boss because AFK has the advantage of saving time.

4. While fighting the boss, it is advisable to first join a team of five and then fight other bosses.

5. Before starting the fight, make sure to have a suitable team.

6. During the fight, you can check the attributes of the monsters and choose a suitable profession based on your own attributes. If you are a physical profession, choose “Incense Burner.” If you are a magic profession, choose “Qingyun” or “Incense Burner.” If you are a support profession, choose “Tianyin” or “Ghost King.”

7. After defeating the boss, if you feel that your output is not enough, you can go AFK and come back to refresh the boss when you can’t defeat it.

8. If you find that your equipment is not good enough during boss farming, you can buy some unused equipment from the trading market.

9. Try to team up while fighting to ensure your survival and prevent monsters from stealing your loot.

10. After finishing the boss farming, remember to form a reliable group.

Above are the beginner’s guide for “Fantasy Zhuxian: Forge Ahead.” I hope it helps everyone!

Fantasy Zhuxian: Big Secrets Revealed, The Secret Cheats for Playing the Immortal World

“Fantasy Zhuxian” mobile game is Tencent’s first turn-based MMORPG game. In this free adventure mobile game, many novice players do not know how to play and master the secrets of the immortal world. In fact, for beginners, it is very important to grasp some skills. After all, it is important to play this game well. Below, I will introduce the strategy for novice players in the game.

First of all, we need to understand the characteristics of each profession in order to understand the attributes of a character. Only after understanding these attributes can we have an advantage in battles. So, what aspects can improve our combat effectiveness during battles? Below, I will share some methods for character improvement.

Overview of Character Improvement Methods:

1. Equipment

In “Fantasy Zhuxian,” equipment is divided into white and green. White equipment is a basic set, but it can be upgraded to blue equipment through refining. Blue and purple equipment are high-grade purple equipment, while gold equipment is a divine artifact. Orange equipment can be obtained through refining.

2. Pets

Pets are also an important gameplay. Pets can be leveled up by using items, making them stronger. The level of pets provides attribute bonuses. Of course, the level of pets cannot exceed the level of the character. To level up the pet, you need to participate in some dungeon activities.

3. Skills

“Fantasy Zhuxian” has six different types of skills, including single-target, AoE (Area of Effect), and support skills. Single-target attack skills are the most powerful AoE skills in the game, and there is also a active skill. Passive skills enhance the pet’s abilities.

4. Equipment

“Fantasy Zhuxian” equipment is divided into six grades: Ordinary (green), Good (blue), Precious (purple), and Ultimate (orange). The higher the quality of the equipment, the more attribute bonuses it provides.

5. Mounts

“Fantasy Zhuxian” mounts are divided into seven categories: “Ghost Gentleman,” “Spirit Deer,” “Black Dragon,” “Tiger Head Monster”; “Divine Beast,” “Panda Wine Immortal,” “Phoenix”; “Demon Beast,” “Kirin,” “Green Bird”; and “Holy Beast,” “Giant Ape,” “Lion Roar.”

The types of mounts in “Fantasy Zhuxian” are very diverse, not only in appearance but also in stronger attributes. Players can choose mounts according to their preferences. However, mounts do not have attribute bonuses in the game. Players must use “Wash Marrow” to obtain the desired mount.

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