Bleach VS Naruto 3.2 Grimmjow Tactics Guide Revealed! (Unique gameplay strategies! Analyzing Grimmjow in Bleach VS Naruto!)

Bleach VS Naruto 3.2 Grimmjow Tactics Guide Revealed! (Unique gameplay strategi

Bleach VS Naruto 3.2 Grimmjow Tactics Guide Revealed! (Unique gameplay strategies! Analyzing Grimmjow in Bleach VS Naruto!) In version 3.2 of “Bleach VS Naruto,” how to play Grimmjow tactically? Let’s share it with everyone below.

Firstly, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the tactics. The advantages of the tactics are: high burst damage, sufficient damage, and strong control (performing well in both PVE and PVP).

The disadvantages are: low attack frequency and short attack range (for long-range and melee ninjas, a short attack range is a fatal problem, and most melee ninjas have relatively small attack ranges).

Unique Gameplay Strategies Revealed! Analyzing Grimmjow in Bleach VS Naruto!

In “Bleach VS Naruto,” each character has its unique characteristics and skills! And different heroes also have their own strengths and weaknesses! Today, we will introduce a “unique gameplay strategy”: Grimmjow.

[Battle Strategy]

First, let’s look at Grimmjow’s attack style. Grimmjow’s basic attack consists of 2 stages. The first stage of normal attack will cause knock-up effect to the enemy; the second stage of normal attack will launch the opponent into the air; the third stage of normal attack will kick the opponent to the ground, causing a large float effect to the enemy! Therefore, we need to use normal attacks to deal more damage in combo as much as possible. In the early game, we can use Grimmjow to achieve high burst damage in the early and mid-game, and in the late game, we can also use him as a starter for output!

[Skill Analysis]

In terms of skill design, Grimmjow mainly relies on his high damage output to deal high damage! But from his skills, we can see that he has a super armor skill at the beginning of the battle. This means that if he does not release his skills in time during the battle, he is likely to be taken down by the enemy’s combo or severely injured, thus unable to exert his full strength. Therefore, we must pay attention to our own safety during the game!

First, let’s take a look at his ultimate skill:

[Combo Technique: Super·Tidal Wave]: Summon a huge tidal wave to strike the enemy troops in front multiple times;

[Combo Technique: Thunderbolt Shockwave]: Emit a powerful thunderous dragon bullet forward to attack the enemy;

[Ultimate Skill: Heaven-Shaking Earth-Crushing]: Use tremendous power to attack the enemy, causing massive damage;

[Combo Technique: Ice Prison]: Summon a layer of ice cones to protect oneself, causing damage to surrounding enemies;

[Ultimate Skill: Water Release. Mourning Rain Formation]: Summon a water area to protect allies and continuously strike all enemies within the range;

[Practical Application]

We can see that as a close-range burst-type ninja, Grimmjow’s normal attacks and skills all have super armor effects, and due to the special nature of his skills, we need to try to push the opponent to the edge of the screen during combos in order to deal more damage!

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