Game Island Forum: The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Unknown Game Worlds! (Game Island Forum: The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Game BOSSes Revealed!)

Game Island Forum: The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Unknown Game Worlds! (Game I

Game Island Forum: The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Unknown Game Worlds! (Game Island Forum: The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Game BOSSes Revealed!) Many buddies may not be very clear about this, so next, I will introduce the Game Island Forum: The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Unknown Game Worlds! (Game Island Forum: The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Game BOSSes Revealed!) If you are interested, you can come and learn about it.

I. Strategy Group Sharing (Beginner’s Guide)

II. Game Island Forum: The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Game BOSSes

1. First, Game Island Forum is currently the only officially recommended position in the version, because the equipment and weapons in this position are very important;

2. Secondly, at the bottom of the Game Island Forum, there is an activity bar (top right corner of the activity bar), where players can challenge various bosses in the game island;

3. Third, during the challenge, players can quickly teleport to the challenge target map through the “Go” button in the lower right corner.

III. Rewards for Challenging BOSSes

The rewards for challenging BOSSes are divided into two types: game coins (obtained by participating in challenging BOSSes) and props. The rewards for challenging bosses are divided into three levels: normal difficulty, hard mode, and nightmare mode. These three difficulties correspond to rewards for normal and hard levels; Nightmare mode has corresponding props rewards for each difficulty. In addition, players can also challenge the level of BOSSes and get monetary rewards (used to enhance equipment).

IV. How to quickly obtain game coins

In addition to challenging world BOSSes, players can also obtain game coins by purchasing currency gift packs in the store. On the left side of the store, you can check the number of game coins you own (including those you bought) and quantity, or you can directly click on the “Go” on the right.

V. Precautions for Challenging BOSSes:

In the process of challenging, players can click on “Back” at the top of the screen, and the system will automatically return to the previous battle scene.

When players are challenging, they can directly choose the option of “Auto Battle” (which requires spending 1 diamond), but if players do not choose automatic battle, the system will automatically quit the player.

During the challenge, players can choose “Auto Battle” and the system will automatically exit the game interface.

VI. How to obtain game coins

After challenging all the BOSSes, players can obtain game coins through “Daily Sign-In”, “Achievements”, and other methods. At the same time, in “Quests” – “Active Treasure Chest”, players can also obtain game coins as rewards.

Game Island Forum: Revealing the God-Level Cheat Codes to Beat Game BOSSes!

In the “Game Island Forum”, players all know that in the game, they will encounter various things. Today, I will introduce how to defeat “Game BOSS” to everyone. On the forum of Game Island Forum, players can discuss how to defeat “Game BOSS” with their buddies. Let’s find out together!

【Tips & Strategies】

Game Island Forum is a caring community platform where masters gather. Here, you can interact and communicate with other high-level players and experts, share game experience, and improve together; you can also interact with some interesting things (such as various gift packs), making it easier for everyone to get started in the game and get rich rewards. Of course, if you want to defeat BOSS and achieve victory, you also need to master certain combat cheats.

Now let’s analyze how to improve combat power and the benefits of improving combat power:

First, you need to understand how combat power is calculated in “Game Island Forum”: defeat a player, and the combat power is 1 point (as shown above), so there is no bonus to combat power.

So how to improve combat power? Actually, it’s very simple. The method to improve combat power is to raise the player’s level.

There are two ways to level up: the first is to gain experience by challenging world bosses.

The second way is to gain experience through leveling up.

There is only one way to level up, which is to brush copies.

So what are the benefits of gaining experience through copies?

First of all, copies are one of the main ways to gain experience. The higher the level of the copy, the higher the experience gained.

So how to quickly increase the level of the copy?

The level of the copy can be increased by using the item “Equipment Card”, which can enhance the attribute of the character’s equipment.

The attributes of equipment can be obtained through reinforcement, evolution, inlaying, selling, and disassembling. When the equipment is strengthened to a certain level, it can be used to synthesize higher-level equipment.

So how to make equipment strengthen to a higher level?

First, we need to understand the types of “equipment”.

There are four types of copies in Game Island, which are: attack type, defense type, balance type, and so on.

Among them, the attack type is divided into three types: normal attack type, skill type. These two types of copies can be cleared separately.

The defense type is divided into two paths.

The defense range of the attack type copy is a fan-shaped area.

The defense range of the defense type copy is circular, and it will also cause rebound damage to monsters while attacking.

Balance: The attack range of the balance type copy is three fan-shaped areas.

So how to make the equipment strengthen to the highest level?

The level of equipment reinforcement starts from low level to high level, but the upper limit of the reinforcement level is related to the quality of the equipment, so when the reinforcement level reaches a certain level, it is recommended not to upgrade to the highest level.

So how to make the equipment’s attributes increase after the equipment is reinforced to the maximum level?

Equipment reinforcement does not require any consumption, as long as you spend gold coins, you can enhance it.

Another point worth noting is that equipment reinforcement level cannot be higher than the player’s level.

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