Explore the world of automatic jumping games with cute navigation! (Instantly cute! Happy navigation takes you into an exciting gaming experience!)

Explore the world of automatic jumping games with cute navigation! (Instantly c

Explore the world of automatic jumping games with cute navigation! (Instantly cute! Happy navigation takes you into an exciting gaming experience!) Today, the editor brings you the strategy introduction of “Cute Navigation” to explore the world of automatic jumping games. Interested friends, let’s take a look together!

Cute Navigation: http://www.taptap.com/app/118865.html

“Automatic Jumping Game World” (Sydl) is a mobile game application developed by Tencent on the basis of two different languages in mainland China and abroad. Its biggest feature is that it can provide users with various types of functional services. Today, this function is officially launched!

In addition to making it easier for you to operate the game, there are many practical functions worth using. Today, let us understand “Sydl” together.

[New System] Automatic Jumping Game World

In this game, there are various gameplay modes. For example, in the “Automatic Jumping” segment, players can use the manual control direction keys to sway left and right, and complete some basic actions through the direction change of the slide block. The “Automatic Jumping Game World” (Sydl) can help players quickly master the skills in the game and help them pass the levels smoothly!

[New Feature] Speed Flight

In the current version of “Sydl”, there is a very important system-high-speed flight, which allows players to achieve quick movement, squatting, and other operations.

When players are in the process of “high-speed flight”, they will encounter various problems. For example, they will encounter certain problems. If players encounter this situation, they need to click the button on the left side of the screen. If players do not press the button in time, it will cause a big difference between their flight altitude and the target!

[New Item] Super Jumper

In addition to high-speed flight, “Sydl” also introduces a prop called the Super Jumper. In the game, if players want to make their speed more efficient, they can use this item to maximize its effect and gain more time and money. However, it should be reminded that the Super Jumper can only be used when players reach the finish line!

[New Map] Speed Flight

As a classic racing mobile game, “Sydl” not only has a super high popularity but also meets many needs. After players reach the finish line, the system will automatically bring you an acceleration effect for a certain distance, allowing you to fly easily. There is only one way for players who want to enter the game, that is, to start your exciting game journey, that is, the automatic jumping game world.

About “Sydl”:

1. “Since ancient times, navigation has been a technology.” This is a truth that many netizens know. However, because of its existence, we cannot completely avoid using it, because in “SSydl”, we are just looking for a new technology, not just using it;

2. Although in “SSydl”,

Instantly cute! Happy navigation takes you into an exciting gaming experience!

In the “Super Exciting: Mobile Games”, do you feel that the gaming experience of “me” is very unsatisfactory? If you have such thoughts, then please do not hesitate! Download and enjoy the surprise brought by happy navigation!

[The first 3D cool action mobile game, allowing you to easily start an adventurous journey on the mobile platform]

As a mobile game with the theme of Chinese style and using Q-cute and cartoon-style designs, “Super Exciting” will bring a brand-new fingertip combat experience to players. From the currently exposed videos, “Little Tyrant Caitlyn”, “Apocalypse Knight: Hillfran”. These classic character roles in the game will have their own different skills and characteristics, and “Snow Territory Wolf-Spartacus” will have unique skills and attributes on the map.

In addition, “Super Exciting” also introduces many new interesting gameplay and content, allowing users to experience a more colorful multiplayer battle mode. “Super Exciting” not only innovates and breaks through the gameplay of the game but also sets up operational settings for the phone screen, allowing players to enjoy the game more freely. “Endless Adventure-Great Head Hero Plan” will also go online.

[All kinds of items in the game world, feel free to explore the super exciting world]

The most popular gameplay in “Super Exciting” is the “Great Head Hero Plan”! In this gameplay, players can complete their tasks by collecting various items on the map. After the task is completed, players can receive corresponding rewards and points. In the game, players can obtain items through searching, fighting, collecting, exchanging, and other ways to achieve their game purposes. At the same time, players can also purchase additional items to get more extra props!

[Upgrade the super exciting gameplay, endless rewards are always on offer]

In addition to the above special gameplay, “Happy Navigation-Super Exciting” will also launch multiple activities. Players can participate in activities to win a large number of generous rewards for free. In addition, a series of mini-games such as “Super Melee-Super Exciting Preview” “Super Treasure Box Lottery-Super Melee-Ultimate Treasure Lottery-Super Sprint Race”, WeChat Mini Program, etc., can also be used to claim rich rewards and points; there are even more fun and addictive mobile games and games waiting for you to discover, so stay tuned~

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