Hearthstone: Analysis of the New Version’s Wonders and Strange Events (Hearthstone: Profession Deck Strategy and Win Rate Analysis)

Hearthstone: Analysis of the New Version\’s Wonders and Strange Events (Hearthst

Hearthstone: Analysis of the New Version’s Wonders and Strange Events (Hearthstone: Profession Deck Strategy and Win Rate Analysis) Today, I will bring you the latest game update content. Let’s take a look together!

Hearthstone’s “Old Fox” Anduin has released a new card pack – “Whispers of the Old Gods” (temporary translation). The main changes to this new expansion pack are as follows:

1. In this month’s ranked mode, you can use three different random decks. These three decks will appear in Standard mode, Wild mode, and Friendly mode respectively.

2. In various PVE dungeons in “World of Warcraft,” you will also receive additional rewards – a random “Dragon Tribe Leader” card.

3. The new adventure mode – “Knights of the Frozen Throne” will include 20 brand new adventure dungeons!

4. “Ungoro Unleashed,” “Frost Witch Jaina,” and “Dungeon Adventure” – “Dungeon Adventure” will be launched in early November!

5. New card back patterns will be implemented after the release of this expansion pack.

6. “Heart of the Blizzard,” “Goblin vs. Gnomes” card back patterns are also coming soon; the “Rise of Shadows” card back pattern will be available in mid-December in the Chinese version of Hearthstone.

Hearthstone: Profession Deck Strategy and Win Rate Analysis

Hearthstone is a game based on classic card strategy, combining popular neutral and casual gameplay elements. Today, I will introduce Hearthstone: Profession Deck Strategy and Win Rate Analysis


Hunters have the second highest win rate in the current mid-range deck, as there are a lot of low-cost minions in the early game. Therefore, in the early stages of the game, we can easily take the initiative, so hunters are very good at this type of playstyle. However, the drawback of hunters is that they do not have enough minions, so their playstyle is relatively simple. But using this type of deck, it is very difficult for hunters to gain an advantage, especially when facing aggressive decks. Once the opponent removes your board, it will be very disadvantageous. Therefore, when facing hunter and shaman, these fast-paced decks, hunters must be very careful!


Druids are currently the most popular profession because they have a large number of high-quality and low-cost minions to replenish their hand. They also have many low-cost and buff minions, so when playing against druids, you should try to avoid situations where your early game minions are killed by your opponent. The disadvantage of druids is the lack of board clears. If you cannot control the board in the early game, it will be difficult to achieve victory. Additionally, since druids do not have many ways to flood the board, they can be relatively weak against aggressive decks. Therefore, when facing control decks, you also need to pay attention to your positioning.


Warlocks are still very powerful in the current ladder environment. Although they don’t have as strong burst potential, they have excellent early-game board control abilities and strong late-game potential. When playing against warriors and priests, Warlocks can easily win in the late game due to their strong early game board clears. However, they are relatively weak against slow-paced decks. But Warlocks’ playstyle is more focused on controlling the board. When facing slow-paced decks, we can use minions and weapons in the early game to remove the opponent’s board, ensuring our late-game burst and finish.

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