Five Hidden Rules to Help You Defeat Enemies in “Flames of War: Three Kingdoms” (Become an Unparalleled Warlord! Unveiling the Bizarre Tactics of “Flames of War: Three Kingdoms”)

In \”Flames of War: Three Kingdoms,\” the key to victory in battles is merit. Mer

In “Flames of War: Three Kingdoms,” the key to victory in battles is merit. Merit can be used to upgrade the main city and can be obtained when recruiting troops or upgrading buildings. Merit can also be exchanged for various game resources. Now, let’s introduce what aspects to pay attention to in battles in “Flames of War: Three Kingdoms.”

Battle power is an important indicator of a player’s strength, and merit can be obtained through battles. In “Flames of War: Three Kingdoms,” the battle power value is related to the star rating of the warlord. Therefore, to increase the battle power of a warlord, you need to understand the tactics carried by the warlord on the battlefield first.

Preparation before battle:

Preparation before battle is the premise of tactics. Players need to prepare battle strategies in advance. If players are not satisfied with the strength of their own troops, it is recommended to check if they have enough tactical support. If they do, then prepare as early as possible. Otherwise, they will be unable to defeat the opponent. If the battle is not over, then the battle strategy cannot be used.

Warlord selection:

Warlords have different types, attributes, and skills. Players should choose suitable lineups based on the characteristics of the warlords. For example, defensive warlords are suitable for the front line to attract enemy fire, while offensive warlords are suitable for the backline to inflict damage.

Tactical configuration:

Each tactical combination can have an impact on different troop types. For example, infantry restrains cavalry, cavalry restrains archers, and archers restrain crossbowmen and catapults.

Tactics combination:

There are many types of tactics. Players can choose suitable tactics based on their own warlords. For example, infantry restrains spear soldiers, spear soldiers restrain pike soldiers, pike soldiers restrain heavy cavalry, cavalry restrains light armor soldiers, shield soldiers restrain imperial guards, and so on. Different combinations can achieve different tactical effects.

Battle strategy:

In “Flames of War: Three Kingdoms,” players can adjust tactics freely and arrange strategies according to the attributes of the enemy troops. For example:1. Cavalry has high attack power and strong defense capability.2. Cavalry has high speed and fast attack speed.3. Cavalry has fast attack speed but low defense capability.4. Blade soldiers have high attack power but slow speed.5. Archers have relatively low defense capability and HP.

Tactical analysis:

During battles, players must master tactical combination skills. First, learn to allocate war skills, tactics, and tactics positions reasonably. Second, be familiar with each battle on the battlefield to arrange tactics accordingly. Finally, learn to arrange troop types properly to make tactical configurations more targeted.

“Flames of War: Three Kingdoms” is a strategy war mobile game. Want to become an unparalleled warlord? Then you must have a powerful army. Only with a powerful army can you lead your country to conquer the world!

Become an Unparalleled Warlord! Unveiling the Bizarre Tactics of “Flames of War: Three Kingdoms”

“Flames of War: Three Kingdoms” is an instant strategy mobile game based on the Three Kingdoms period. In the game, players need to cultivate their warlords and create their strongest army in battles. Today, we bring you tactical strategy cheats to help you easily conquer “Flames of War: Three Kingdoms”!

【Troop Counter】In the game, troops with different attributes and skills counter each other. Therefore, we can choose suitable troops to go into battle and use warlords’ skills to fight according to their counter relationships. This way, we can unleash the utmost power.

There are two aspects of troop counters:1. Troop levels: Different troops have different counter relationships.2. Strength and intelligence determine the damage that warlords can cause.3. Warlord troop counter: When a warlord’s level is 0, they will be unable to use any troop tactics.

How to cultivate your main lineup effectively?First, you need to understand your warlords and their skills. The power and effects of skills depend on the warlords’ levels and leadership. Leadership determines the order of warlords’ actions in battles. Therefore, how to allocate resources and cultivate stronger warlords will be the key to your victory.

【Warlord Upgrade】In the game, warlord upgrade is one of the main ways to improve the strength of your army. However, warlord levels cannot exceed the lord’s level. Therefore, upgrading warlord levels is the foundation of improving the army’s strength.

In “Flames of War: Three Kingdoms,” to cultivate a powerful army, you must approach it from multiple angles – warlord upgrade, skill upgrade, and troop upgrade. These directly determine the warlords’ battle abilities and even the team’s strength.

【Battle Skill Learning】In “Flames of War: Three Kingdoms,” learning battle skills is an important means to enhance soldier abilities. Warlord skills can be divided into active skills and passive skills. Active skills require the lord to consume skill points on the battlefield, and the combat enhancement gained will accumulate automatically. The number of skill points will increase through upgrading, which will enhance the warlord’s skill damage on the battlefield.

【Tactical Combination】The combination of warlords is the key to victory. In “Flames of War: Three Kingdoms,” tactical combinations can be divided into front row tactics and back row tactics. Front row tactics require the lord to consume symbol or supplies on the battlefield to obtain merit. Back row tactics require the lord to consume military orders to obtain military merits.

After understanding the characteristics of each warlord, you should have a clear understanding of them. There is a special bond between warlords and skills, which allows warlords and specific warlords to have a cooperative effect and form additional combat power.

【Equipment Upgrade】In “Flames of War: Three Kingdoms,” upgrading equipment is essential to improve warlords’ power. In “Flames of War: Three Kingdoms,” the higher the level of warlord equipment, the higher the accompanying skill effects. Therefore, during battles, remember to timely replace equipment!

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