{Keywords}: 火炮学会, 气候引发战争, 火力制霸Burning the Sky: How can the Artillery Society Use Climate to Initiate Wars? (Flame Master: Unveiling the Secrets of Artillery Techniques, How to Become the Dominating Firepower?)

Burning the Sky: How can the Artillery Society Use Climate to Initiate Wars? (Fl

Burning the Sky: How can the Artillery Society Use Climate to Initiate Wars? (Flame Master: Unveiling the Secrets of Artillery Techniques, How to Become the Dominating Firepower?) In the game “Flame Master – Artillery Studies,” there are many interesting gameplay features, including the weather system. The weather system can assist players in various activities, tasks, monster hunting, and more. So, how can players utilize the changes in seasons to achieve conflicts on the battlefield? Let’s take a look!

1. Seasons and Time

Each time period has different themed activities, each offering different rewards. Players can obtain Seasonal Essence through daily activities. In the summer activities, players can collect materials such as Summer Hearts, Summer Seeds, and Winter Dresses to obtain Seasonal Essence.

2. Winter and Spring

When players are engaged in outdoor activities, they can choose corresponding festivals or holiday events based on their preferences and habits. Winter activities usually take place when it’s snowing, while summer activities are conducted during hot weather, and autumn activities are activated during rainy days.

3. Stormy Weather and Climate

If players want to make battles more exciting, they can utilize weather events to cause more damage or disrupt the enemy’s strength. Players can use this feature to influence the outcome of the battle and achieve victory. The occurrence of weather can also enhance players’ attributes and improve their strength. Of course, this is only one aspect, as there are many other methods players can use, such as utilizing weather events to obtain higher combat attributes.

4. Sandstorm Weather and Thunderstorm Weather

When players are in the wilderness, they can choose their preferred combat style based on their preferences. For example, players who like to use thunder skills will find the skill effects in the game suitable for thunderous attacks. If players want their artillery to be more powerful during thunderstorms, they need to utilize the weather events of storms and rain.

5. Frosty Weather

The snowy weather in the game is the main environmental factor. Ice blocks randomly appear on the map, and these ice blocks automatically generate in the center of the scene. After the weather becomes chaotic, players can exploit this feature to engage in combat and ultimately achieve victory.

6. Weather System

In addition, the game’s weather system provides weather bonuses. For example, the chance of triggering a blizzard will increase by 20%. The triggering mechanism of weather is also related to the players’ level of combat proficiency. The higher the player’s combat proficiency level, the greater the chance of triggering weather.

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Flame Master: Unveiling the Secrets of Artillery Techniques, How to Become the Dominating Firepower?

As an MMORPG mobile game with flames as its theme, “Flame Master: Artillery” offers players a high sense of operation, allowing them to experience the feeling of dominating firepower. Today, let’s explore the secrets of “Flame Master: Artillery” techniques.

[Skill Analysis]

1. Flame Impact (Solo PvP) – Deals 2 attacks to surrounding targets.

2. Fury Flames (Group Attack) – Deals 3 instances of damage to surrounding targets.

3. Bursting Barrage (Solo PK) – Deals 6 instances of damage to surrounding targets.

4. Molten Protection (Solo Dungeon) – Deals 7 instances of damage to surrounding targets.

5. Burning Pillars (Team Dungeon) – Deals 6 instances of damage to surrounding targets.

6. Flame Impact (Solo and Team Dungeon) – Deals 8 instances of damage to surrounding targets.

[Flame Artillery Techniques Showcase]

In the early stages of the game, there are not many skills for the artillery class. However, as players level up, they will acquire more skills, and the artillery skills become more dazzling and spectacular!

[How to Learn]

When you enter the game, you will find that the artillery skills are already powerful. So, how can you master the artillery skills? First, you need to have enough coins and gold, as these are the main resources for leveling up the artillery. Secondly, you must learn to use gold to make purchases, which is one of the most direct and fastest ways to obtain money. Of course, this requires a certain level of economic strength.


1. Artillery skills can only be used in solo dungeons or team battles, so positioning and avoiding being caught by enemies are vital during combat, in order to prevent being killed instantly!

2. In battles with enemies, it is important to make good use of skills to leverage your advantages and showcase your strengths.

These are the highlights of “Flame Master: Artillery”. Have all the viewers experienced its power? Then, go and experience it yourself.

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