Fox charming temptation, the Fox Dream Shadow Legion in the game “Qian Nv You Hun” (Exploring the Mysterious Power of Fox Dream Shadow in the Mobile Game “Qian Nv You Hun”)

Fox charming temptation, the Fox Dream Shadow Legion in the game \”Qian Nv You Hu

Fox charming temptation, the Fox Dream Shadow Legion in the game “Qian Nv You Hun” (Exploring the Mysterious Power of Fox Dream Shadow in the Mobile Game “Qian Nv You Hun”). Fox charming temptation, originated from ancient Chinese mythological legends. When players see her wearing a black cape, they will have a familiar feeling: it is a person full of magical colors!

In the mobile game “Qian Nv You Hun,” the name “Fox charming temptation” is a well-known character image. In this game, there is also this type of character, the “Tianshi Men” – as a representative of the support profession, the Tianshi Men is also an output profession in the game, and its skills are very powerful, able to provide powerful buff enhancements to teammates, increasing the overall combat effectiveness of the team. Additionally, the Tianshi Men also has various attribute bonuses, playing a crucial role in battles. The skills of the Tianshi Men as a representative of the support profession are also very powerful.

【Enchanting Dancer】

A graceful and charming figure, like blooming flower petals, she is an outstanding enchantress. Although her attack power is not high, she can cause a lot of damage in battles and can also have a control effect on enemies, while reducing their defense abilities. This makes her very powerful. The Tianshi Men belongs to the control profession in terms of skills and is known for its control and bursting abilities. Thus, it can cause great trouble to opponents in the game. Moreover, it can also add a shield to itself while attacking, thus causing even higher damage to opponents.

The skills of the Tianshi Men are also quite powerful in terms of control, which can confuse opponents and make it easier for teammates to act accordingly. The Tianshi Men also has decent area damage, drawing nearby teammates to itself, allowing them to conveniently carry out attack output. In the game, this character has high output, especially in terms of damage output, capable of causing even more damage.

The Tianshi Men is actually an output profession in the game as it belongs to the control role. Most of the skills of this character are based on control, which brings tremendous control effects to opponents in the game. Additionally, they possess excellent control abilities, making it a suitable choice for players who enjoy controlling and controlling enemy characters.

Exploring the Mysterious Power of Fox Dream Shadow in the game “Qian Nv You Hun”

In the PC game “Qian Nv You Hun,” Fox Dream Shadow is an important character. In the mobile game version, it is also a familiar character image among players. Although its appearance is not glamorous, it is very interesting! Today, let’s understand this classic spirit in detail and see where its mysterious power comes from!

【Divine Tree Barrier】

It is well known that the pet system in “Qian Nv You Hun OL” is the same as in the PC version, divided into “growth” and “aptitude.” The growth attribute can directly increase combat power, while the aptitude attribute can increase the upper limit of its own attributes. However, these attributes are randomly generated and cannot be changed, but each attribute has an upper limit. The growth attribute will increase with level and its upper limit will also increase with the increase of growth value, while the upper limit of aptitude attribute needs to be developed by consuming cultivation points.

In the early stages of growth, pets can directly provide attacks, and as the pet level increases, the upper limit of its aptitude attribute will also increase. When the character reaches level 30, the pet can be directly transformed into blood and mana, allowing it to maintain strength in battle for a longer time.

【Heavenly Eye Treasure】

In the early stages of the game, the Heavenly Eye Treasure is mainly used to activate talent skills. The Heavenly Eye Treasure has four types: Adamantine Body, Immobilize, Chaos, Restrain, Petrify, Daze, and Silence. In the later stages, players can obtain the Heavenly Eye Treasure by purchasing it with bound diamonds in the shop. In the shop, it can also be purchased directly with ingots.

In addition to the growth attribute, players can also learn different talent skills. Talent skills are divided into active skills and passive skills. Active skills require the consumption of silver tickets to learn, while passive skills require the consumption of items to unlock. The unlocking conditions are the same as the types of skills, and different skills have different level limits. The higher the level of talent skills, the stronger their effects.

【Illusionary Transformation Pills】

Illusionary transformation pills can provide a bonus to the character’s maximum health while also dealing additional damage to the target. Illusionary transformation pills can be purchased in the shop or obtained through dungeon activities. After reaching level 25, players can contribute to their guild with contributions and guild contributions to obtain them.

Above are the relevant strategies for the mobile game “Qian Nv You Hun” brought to you by the editor today. Did everyone understand them? If you have any other questions, you can follow the mobile game website for subsequent related information!

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