The Cunning Key: Unlocking the Fantastic Adventure of the Revenge Prison (Return to the Past: Mastering the Strategic Game of Revenge Prison)

The Cunning Key: Unlocking the Fantastic Adventure of the Revenge Prison (Retur

The Cunning Key: Unlocking the Fantastic Adventure of the Revenge Prison (Return to the Past: Mastering the Strategic Game of Revenge Prison) is a mobile adventure game full of mystery and horror elements. Players will play as a prisoner searching for clues and solving fierce and brutal puzzles. Let’s take a look together!

First Level: In the room, a stone is blocked by leaves. You need to quickly run away.

Second Level: You need to find an iron wire and a wooden stick. You should be able to use these two items to get it down.

Fourth Level: There are two wooden sticks. You can use them to make them all fall down.

Fifth Level: You need to use the key. On the left side of the table, you can get a piece of photo fragment, then you can get a piece of paper, then go back upstairs.

Sixth Level: You can find another little cat and use its claw to bring it over.

Seventh Level: There are two rabbits.

Eighth Level: There is a mouse.

Ninth Level: There are four boxes. You need to use them to open the door to enter.

Tenth Level: There are three treasures.

Last Level:

Twelfth Level: At the password device on the wall, use the golden flashlight to illuminate it.

Thirteenth Level: On the right side of the wall, there is a painting.

Fourteenth Level: There are four gems.

Fifteenth Level: In the middle of the curtain, there is a sphere.

Sixteenth Level: On the right side, there is a letter. After picking it up, you can enter the next level.

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Return to the Past: Mastering the Strategic Game of Revenge Prison

In the game “Return to the Past,” we will experience many different adventures, and the Revenge Prison Key is one of them. It can help us find the resurrected weapons, the Sword and the Staff, but it is not easily found like in reality.

The Revenge Prison Key is a very important item in the Revenge War. It can unlock hidden elements, such as allowing players to obtain a key from monsters and open doors of certain specific rooms. It can also be used to open a door in a room, allowing all intruders to enter the scene, which will become a permanent pain in the hearts of many old players. Now let us understand how to master this secret!

The Secret of the Revenge Prison Key

In the Revenge War, the task of revenge requires us to find and open the teleportation gates in the entire room and find all the treasure chests, but the opening methods of these treasure chests are different from before. Only by opening all the boxes can they be opened. Therefore, in order to open the key to the final BOSS room, it is important to find the correct gems.

When opening the first door, we need to find the third small icon from the left (above). It is the position of the “red arrow.” It is the position of the “white arrow” (red dot) and it is at the top. If the player can find this position, they will discover that a black cat is standing on it and she will attack you. You just need to eliminate it with a gun. If it cannot be found, continue searching until the second star is found.

When we find the last star, we will find a passage on the left that we can go down: the first floor has two teleportation arrays and a teleportation portal (on the right). We need to find the first rune and then find another door and open it (the second map).

In the second level, we need to find the second long snake-shaped sculpture (above), the first and fourth/fifth gems, all of which are hidden in the basement. We need to find the middle part of the fourth pillar, which is under a dead tree on the ground. We need to move it with our fingers. This way, we can open the last secret room door and open the teleportation array inside!

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