How to Obtain Titles in the Martial World? (How to Earn the Immortal Name by Conquering the Maze?)

How to obtain titles in the martial world? (How to earn the immortal name by co

How to obtain titles in the martial world? (How to earn the immortal name by conquering the maze?) Titles are an essential attribute in the martial world, so how can we obtain them? Let’s take a look with the help of the editor!

Strategy for obtaining titles in the martial world (click to view: detailed explanation of the title system in the martial world)

Introduction to methods of obtaining titles in the martial world:

1. Obtain them by completing maze exploration quests.

2. Titles can be obtained by completing daily quests, weekly quests, and achievement quests.

3. Completing limited-time events, such as the Martial Arts Tournament, can also reward the immortal name.

4. Participating in official events organized by the game developers is also a way to obtain the immortal name.

How to Earn the Immortal Name by Conquering the Maze?

Today, the editor brings you an introduction to the immortal name in “Conquer the Maze”.

Immortal Name: Each profession has a unique immortal deity, which provides powerful attribute bonuses to the character. There are two ways to obtain the immortal deity: challenging the boss of the level or synthesizing immortal scriptures through a fusion function.

Firstly, the method to obtain immortal scriptures is by challenging the level boss. Before the battle, players can check the number of immortal scriptures they possess. If the quantity is low, they can check if the requirements for the immortal scriptures are met before starting the challenge. If they meet the requirements, they can directly enter the level and challenge the boss to obtain the immortal item.

Secondly, the synthesis of immortal scriptures requires the consumption of immortal jade. Immortal jade can be obtained through completing daily quests, participating in challenge activities, and completing activity dungeons.

In addition to obtaining immortal jade in adventure mode, it can also be exchanged for gold coins in the secret realm exploration, shops, dragon treasure, and maze shops.

That’s all for the introduction to the immortal name. I hope it helps you!

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