Soul Hunter Awakening Profession: Release your soul and conquer the Nine Realms! (Exploring Soul Hunter Awakening Profession: Embark on a mysterious journey of soul hunting!)

Soul Hunter Awakening Profession: Release your soul and conquer the Nine Realms

Soul Hunter Awakening Profession: Release your soul and conquer the Nine Realms! (Exploring Soul Hunter Awakening Profession: Embark on a mysterious journey of soul hunting!) In Soul Hunter Awakening, there are many interesting professions to choose from, and there are also many characters to choose from. Each of these characters has their own characteristics, and players can create different combo routines by combining different skills.

There are three different styles of characters for players to choose from: heavy sword, long spear, and staff. Each of the three weapons has its own unique abilities and characteristics.

First, let’s talk about the heavy sword. This profession has simple attack methods and long attack range. The heavy sword can be transformed into two branches: berserker and hawk. The berserker’s fighting style is to charge, accumulate power, and sweep, with a wide attack range. When using skills, you can choose to quickly dash forward a distance, shuttle between enemies to cause damage and control effects. The hawk summons giant beasts to fight for itself during battle. These three branches have strong output and survival abilities. By using the heavy sword profession properly, players can achieve high amounts of damage in battles.

As for the longbow and crossbow professions, players need to pay attention to controlling the distance from enemies when using long-range skills to avoid being attacked at close range. They also need to use positioning to dodge attacks. When using long-range skills, it is important to maintain a distance. The archer has high burst damage, but relatively low defense, so players need to be agile in positioning. In addition, archers have very strong output against individual bosses, but their output may be weaker against large monsters, requiring players to use flexible strategies to compensate for this weakness.

Finally, let’s talk about the mage. As a ranged profession, the mage has powerful AoE damage and crowd control abilities. The mage has high output, but its survival ability is weaker. When facing a large group of monsters, due to their fragile nature, they can easily be overwhelmed. Therefore, in order to play the mage well, players must learn to release skills in a logical order and make good use of their advantages to achieve high amounts of damage output.

Summary: The above is a brief introduction to the heavy sword profession in Soul Hunter Awakening brought to you by the author.

Exploring Soul Hunter Awakening Profession: Embark on a mysterious journey of soul hunting!

Soul Hunter Awakening is a hunting mobile game, and this game is also adapted from “Exploring Soul Hunter”. The game features 6 professions: swordsman, mage, fighter, gunner, priest, and assassin. Let’s introduce them to you below!

Recently, “Exploring Soul Hunter Awakening” introduced four new professions: Holy Warrior (Master Swordsman), Ranger (Archer), Mage (Sorcerer), and Warrior (Guardian). Among these new professions, the most popular ones are Warrior and Mage, which are both melee physical professions. These three professions have unique positions and gameplay in the game, and they are also highly popular.

First, the skills of the Holy Warrior are “Invincibility” and “Taunt”, which are already very powerful in the early stages of the game. Especially “Invincibility”, it can protect yourself from being damaged by any monsters during battles.

The Ranger is a long-range high burst damage profession. In the middle stages of the game, by upgrading and increasing their critical strike rate, combined with the attack bonus in skills, they can achieve considerable damage output. In the early stages, the damage of this skill is not low either, and if the player has good technical skills, they can even achieve no-damage clearing of maps.

The skills of the Fighter are “Invincible” and “Stun”. In battles, as long as the opponent is controlled, they can use “Counter” (which reduces the opponent’s stun time to about 1 second) to counter-control the opponent and then kill them. Of course, both of these control skills have a certain cooldown.

The last one is the priest’s “Healing”. The priest is a support profession in the game, but its “healing effect” is not particularly outstanding. The priest’s healing skill “Healing Aura” lasts for only 3 seconds, but once a teammate is healed, it can restore a certain amount of health.

The gunner mainly focuses on ranged output. By using the combination of “mana regen” and “health regen” skills in battles, they can bring great fault tolerance to the team. Moreover, after the battle, they can also restore a certain amount of health to the team, making them a very versatile profession and suitable for beginners who like to play as damage dealers.

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