Guess the Song Genius, Ultimate Entertainment! (Beyond Rhythm, Infinite Challenge!)

Guess the Song Genius, Ultimate Entertainment! (Beyond Rhythm, Infinite Challen

Guess the Song Genius, Ultimate Entertainment! (Beyond Rhythm, Infinite Challenge!) Players who have played Guess the Song Genius should know that many songs in the game have their own unique rhythm and characteristics. But in this game, Guess the Song Genius, there is an added level of entertainment![Classic Music], [Superstar], [Super Idol, I Am a Singer | I Love You the Most]Classic music is currently one of the popular gameplay modes in mobile games, and Guess the Song Genius is one of the main gameplay modes based on this format. Players can freely choose their answers, and after choosing a song they want to challenge, the system will automatically match them with the corresponding player.The music in Guess the Song Genius is excellent, and the author is very satisfied with it.Guess the Song GeniusClick to download:”My Hero Academy” is officially authorized by Tencent Video, and it is the first to introduce the “guessing” gameplay, integrating elements such as guessing pictures and listening to music. It can be completed through simple operations, allowing players to experience the fun of music knowledge while relaxing; In addition to these two types, “Maze” and “Starcraft 3” have also joined the category of music games, making these creative works more popular and worth a try!Beyond Rhythm, Infinite Challenge!Game Introduction: In the rhythmic music, there is a very special thing called “Challenge.” Under the term “beyond,” “challenge” is endless.Players can use this characteristic to freely challenge levels or transition between levels using their favorite styles. During the challenge, players will find that the environment they are in is very suitable for “beyond,” but this is just the beginning. The difficulty increases as you explore more, and this is just the beginning.In the song “Beyond,” there are many places that are completely different from the real world, and just like its name, they all represent an unknown world. Players can choose their favorite sound as their character, or choose other notes with specific backgrounds as background music.

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