Return of the King: Mastering Domination, Achieving Extraordinary!

Return of the King: Mastering Domination, Achieving Extraordinary! (Political st

Return of the King: Mastering Domination, Achieving Extraordinary! (Political strategy: Overcoming the King’s Dominance with Strategy!) Recently, experts have studied the calculation method of “domination” in the game “King of Glory” and started discussing how to calculate domination and its effects. How is domination calculated in “King of Glory”? What is the role of domination? Below, the editor brings an introduction and strategy guide to the calculation method of “Return of the King” domination. Let’s take a look together if you are interested!


In “King of Glory,” the “Occupation” gameplay is open every Monday to Friday at 8 PM. Occupation can increase the health and defense of your own heroes. The longer you occupy, the more bonuses you can get. The fewer occupations, the higher the rewards after victory, so occupation is also a crucial part. The more occupations, the higher the win rate!


Control means engaging in battles in the game. In the world of “Return of the King,” control is achieved by controlling enemy heroes, keeping the opponent’s lineup from exerting full strength, and ultimately winning the match!

【Damage Output】

Damage output is achieved by attacking with normal attacks. When enemy heroes suffer a certain amount of damage, their own attack ability will increase. However, if they don’t pose a threat, their attributes will decrease, leading to defeat.


In the game, defense relies on the heroes’ normal attacks. When enemies attack the player, they will also cause a certain amount of damage.


Assistance involves helping heroes by healing teammates, among other methods. When enemy heroes are attacked, they will also suffer a certain degree of debuffs. If a player’s hero is attacked by the enemy, their health and defense abilities will decrease, leading to defeat.


Reinforcement is based on enhancing the attributes of one’s own heroes. When the attributes of a player’s heroes meet certain requirements, their own abilities and attributes will increase.


Buff refers to the debuffs inflicted on the enemy when the player attacks their own heroes with normal attacks. When the enemy is attacked, the attributes of the player’s heroes will decrease, leading to defeat.

In summary, control, assistance, and buff are crucial elements in “King of Glory.” Everyone needs to understand each gameplay carefully.

Political Strategy: Overcoming the King’s Domination with Strategy!

In the game “Political Strategy: Overcoming the King’s Domination,” there are many different factions, and each faction has its own unique characteristics in terms of troops, soldiers, mages, and archers. In the game, the combination of troops and heroes is the key to victory. The setting of unit counterbalance adds strategic elements to battles, allowing players to combine heroes with different attributes for more efficient results. Cooperation among different units is also one of the core aspects of the battle.

The “Fog of War” in the game is a key factor in defeating opponents. Players can improve their troop strength and defense by continuously upgrading and starring up heroes’ equipment, thereby gaining advantages in the early stages of the game. When players reach level 20, they can unlock the Legion system. In the Legion system, players can recruit heroes to join their team and build a powerful army lineup. Additionally, the combat power and level of the legion are also related to the rewards obtained in the game. Promotion in rank is not only an important condition for improving the squad members’ strength, but it also raises the level of the legion, unlocking more troops and soldiers, making the player’s army even stronger. Furthermore, players can obtain a large amount of resources by occupying cities on the battlefield.

As a strategy game, “Political Strategy: Overcoming the King’s Domination” allows players to acquire a large number of generals, troops, and spell cards through recruitment in the early stages of the game. These cards not only directly increase combat power but also bring certain buff effects to their own troops, making them more formidable. Even in the later stages of the game, players can summon powerful enemies to besiege their opponents, providing more opportunities to win!

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