King of Glory CP Contest, Who is the Strongest Combination? (Unveiling the Most Underestimated CP Combination in King of Glory)

King of Glory CP Contest, Who is the Strongest Combination? (Unveiling the Most

King of Glory CP Contest, Who is the Strongest Combination? (Unveiling the Most Underestimated CP Combination in King of Glory) In this King’s Canyon CP competition, besides the popular CP combination of Diao Chan and Sun Ce, there is another popular CP combination. Although both of these heroes were once popular, they became CPs because they each have their own strengths, and they have become very popular in the eyes of players! Today, let’s analyze which of these two couples is the strongest CP combination.

First, let’s talk about Hua Mulan and Guan Yu, who are both very dominant CPs in King of Glory. Hua Mulan has very high burst damage, and Guan Yu can assassinate the backline without any loss in the late game, and Guan Yu also has strong tankiness, so he can easily take down assassins.

Next are Luna and Diao Chan, who can be said to be the classic CP duo in the game. Let’s talk about Luna first. She is a marksman and has a relatively low difficulty in operation. Diao Chan, on the other hand, is a warrior type and has high burst damage, as well as a certain self-protection ability. Both of them have good control skills and have strong harvesting ability in team fights. If they can cooperate with a control hero, it will be easy to leave the enemy’s backline with low health in the late game.

Lastly, we have Lan Ling Wang and Han Xin. These two brothers are also very powerful in King of Glory. Although Lan Ling Wang does not have any displacement or survival skills in the early game, his control skills are very powerful, and Han Xin’s damage output in the late game should not be underestimated. However, Lan Ling Wang is at a disadvantage in the early game.

Unveiling the Most Underestimated CP Combination in King of Glory

What is the most popular CP combination in King of Glory? These three people are very common couples in King’s Canyon, so how are they underestimated? Let’s take a look together!

[Li Bai + Yu Ji] This double CP hero can unleash terrifying damage in team fights. Yu Ji’s second skill is the nightmare of ranged marksman, and Zhen Ji’s second skill is a divine skill among marksmen. The burst ability of this lineup can be said to be very strong.

First, let’s take a look at the characteristics of these two heroes – they have strong control abilities and damage capabilities, and both are highly mobile. In team fights, they can easily take down squishy targets. Yu Ji’s passive gives her high mobility and burst damage. Both heroes are a nightmare for squishy targets in team fights.

[Xiang Yu + Yu Ji]: Both are warrior heroes. Xiang Yu and Yu Ji can exert a strong effect early on, and Yu Ji’s second skill can stun enemy heroes, preventing them from moving or attacking. At the same time, Xiang Yu and Yu Ji’s passives greatly improve their control ability.

Let’s first look at the skill characteristics of these two mage heroes: Xiang Yu and Yu Ji’s passives are both magical damage skills. Yu Ji’s passive skill allows Xiang Yu to obtain a shield with a high chance when using skills, which can absorb damage. At the same time, Yu Ji’s second skill shield can also help Xiang Yu withstand fatal damage.

Next are two tank heroes: Zhuang Zhou and Zhang Liang. These two heroes have strong control abilities and both are tank heroes, providing a better output environment for teammates. Zhuang Zhou’s passive allows him to gain a shield after being attacked, and he also has a certain defense ability. Zhang Liang’s passive stabilizes his control and can protect our damage heroes well.

In King of Glory, the cooperation between heroes is very important. If teammates can have a tacit cooperation, the possibility of victory will be greater.

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