Radiant and Gorgeous Outfit Tempts the Soul Dancer, Clears Obstacles for Only a Few Hundred Yuan (Diao Chan’s New Skin Price Exposed)

Radiant and gorgeous outfit tempts the soul dancer, clears obstacles for only a

Radiant and gorgeous outfit tempts the soul dancer, clears obstacles for only a few hundred yuan (Diao Chan’s new skin price exposed). Many players may not be familiar with this, so let me introduce the radiant and gorgeous outfit that tempts the soul dancer, clearing obstacles for only a few hundred yuan (Diao Chan’s new skin price exposed).

Diao Chan – Flying Flowers Chasing Dreams

【Acquisition Method】

1. During the event period, accumulate recharge to reach the specified amount to obtain “Wish Coins”.

2. “Wish Coins” can be used to exchange for rare Stellar Sets and other in-game items.

3. Players who purchase the limited-time gift pack will receive an additional 30 “Wish Coins”. If you miss the first week of the promotion period, you will not be able to participate in this activity.

Gorgeous and Tempting, Diao Chan’s New Skin Price Exposed

In Honor of Kings, Diao Chan’s new skin, Gorgeous and Tempting, has finally been officially revealed. This is an epic skin with gorgeous special effects and a beautiful appearance. Diao Chan – Gorgeous and Tempting will be available in the store after the November 13th update, with a discounted price of 710 vouchers for the first week.

Gorgeous and Tempting: This skin not only has a noble and elegant figure but also exudes a lively aura. When players purchase this skin, they will not only receive double gold and experience rewards but also exclusive actions.

Skill Showcase

【Passive】Fervent Prologue

Under the Fervent state, Diao Chan will accumulate energy every time she releases a skill, restoring 1 energy every 0.5 seconds (touching non-hero units restores less than 2 points), up to a maximum of 5. When the energy is full, Diao Chan will summon the Witch’s Light to surround herself, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and applying a 1.5-second slow effect.

【First Skill – Blooming Flowers and Returning】

Diao Chan throws a fan in the specified direction, and the fan explodes at the first target hit, causing high magic damage. If the skill hits an enemy unit, it will restore 1 energy for Diao Chan and create a magic area in front of the enemy.

【Second Skill – Origins of Dust】

Diao Chan creates a covenant barrier at the specified location. After a short period, a orchid will appear at the center of the barrier and fly towards Diao Chan after a brief delay. Allied heroes within the orchid’s range will gain a 10% acceleration effect.

【Third Skill – Blossoming Elegance】

Generates a flower sea at the target location, causing magic damage to nearby enemy units for 3 seconds. Releasing this skill will activate petals, during which Diao Chan will gain increased movement speed and a shield that blocks one instance of damage for 3 seconds. During the skill release, Diao Chan is immune to all control effects. (The shield will not be removed actively as long as it exists)

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