Clash Royale: The Undead and Armored Warrior Battle (Undead vs. Armored: The Mysterious Duel in Clash Royale)

Clash Royale: The Undead and Armored Warrior Battle (Undead vs. Armored: The Mys

Clash Royale: The Undead and Armored Warrior Battle (Undead vs. Armored: The Mysterious Duel in Clash Royale) This card’s appearance has generated a lot of anticipation among players. However, this time, I want to introduce to you a very powerful purple legendary card in the game – “The Undead and Armored Warrior of Conflict”.

The Skeleton Army is a troop with high health and damage. It summons a large number of small skeletons around the Royal Tower. The Skeleton Army is an aerial unit that can attack ground troops from the air. So when the opponent uses Barbarians, Giants, and Princes, the damage from the Skeleton Army is very high.

[The Undead] The Undead has high health and damage, as well as decent AOE damage. But his health is relatively low, and because of his long range, if paired with some tank units, he can protect his backline output units well, such as Giants and Golems, while the Undead is generally used to deal with units with strong single-target damage like Hog Riders and P.E.K.K.A.

[Armored Guards] As an orange card, the Armored Guards have very high health and damage, as well as decent single-target damage and stun effects. So when used in combination with some tank-type decks, they can also provide good support. For example, they can be paired with Goblins and other tank units to attract the opponent’s firepower effectively.

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Undead vs. Armored: The Mysterious Duel in Clash Royale

Undead and Armored are both popular cards in Clash Royale, and they both possess certain AOE abilities. However, they have a strong counter effect on each other. Below, I will bring you two extremely powerful combinations.

[Undead Army] – Countering Hog Riders, Skeleton Hordes, Balloon SoldiersIn the early game, the role of the Skeleton Horde is very obvious, but in the late game, the effectiveness of the Undead Army is greatly reduced. Therefore, when using this deck, we need to pay attention to the opponent’s Elixir Collector during the battle, just in case.

[Goblin Hut]: The Goblin Hut is a very important card as it can protect the player’s core cards. The higher the level of the Goblin Hut, the more health and damage it has, which can help the player quickly eliminate some of the opponent’s ground units.

On the other hand, the Undead Army is another attacking card that can summon a little skeleton to help defend against damage and can also deal damage to the enemy’s defense towers.

[Witch]: The Witch is a very versatile card. She can summon three little witches and can also attack the enemy’s princess tower. The Witch has a relatively long range and can attack aerial targets, so she has a great suppressive power against ground troops.

In addition, since the Witch is a spell card, it can also be used to counter Barbarians and Golems during battles.

[Armored Undead] – Countering Prince, P.E.K.K.A, and Giant tanksThe advantage of this deck is its balance. However, the disadvantages are also apparent. Armored Undead has low health and damage, cannot attack air units, so it is easily consumed directly by the opponent. However, the output of Armored Undead is relatively stable.

In actual combat, Armored Undead has high health and can summon 3 small bats for support. So when pairing with Armored Undead, we can choose to pair it with some tank-type cards to divert firepower, and then combine it with other cards to have a strong consuming power.

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