Iron Fan Princess in the Journey to Immortality: Wind-Fire Transformation, the Strongest Boss (Unique Temptation! The Hidden Inheritance of Iron Fan Princess in the Journey to Immortality).

In the game world of Journey to Immortality, players often see the character im

In the game world of Journey to Immortality, players often see the character images of various NPCs in various activities or dungeons. Among the many characters, Iron Fan Princess is a very special existence, and her performance in the game is outstanding. Let me introduce the hidden inheritance of Iron Fan Princess in Journey to Immortality.

First, let’s talk about Iron Fan Princess’s basic attributes. Iron Fan Princess has the highest defense growth among all companions, and her attack and speed are both S-rank. Therefore, in the early stages of the game, we can choose to cultivate Iron Fan Princess. In the early stages of the game, Iron Fan Princess’s skill damage is not high, but her skill effects are very good. In the later stages, Iron Fan Princess’s skills will cause additional damage, and the range of her skills is very wide. This can maximize the damage of Iron Fan Princess’s skills. Moreover, Iron Fan Princess’s growth is excellent. She can increase defense and evasion for up to four companions in the team, making her skill damage very impressive.

Second, let’s talk about her talent skill. Iron Fan Princess’s talent skill is Banana Fan. Banana Fan can cause a large amount of physical damage to a single enemy. If the enemy is a magic damage dealer, Iron Fan Princess’s damage is terrifying.

Third, let’s talk about the fate of Iron Fan Princess. When Iron Fan Princess and Bodhi Ancestor are deployed together, it can increase HP by 20%, and Bodhi Ancestor can increase evasion by 10%. This combination can be said to be very powerful.

Of course, these are just some simple explanations of Iron Fan Princess. There are still many details waiting for you to discover. Iron Fan Princess’s fate is also very powerful. In terms of equipment, you can embed gems, strengthen, and even break through. There are even star signs that can activate corresponding star constellation attributes.

Alright, in Journey to Immortality, everything is in your hands. Are you already excited? Enter Journey to Immortality now.

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