How strong is it? The position of the JX3 Beggar Sect revealed (The way of Qi Zong! Revealing the strength and position of the JX3 Beggar Sect)

How strong is it? The position of the JX3 Beggar Sect revealed (The way of Qi Zo

How strong is it? The position of the JX3 Beggar Sect revealed (The way of Qi Zong! Revealing the strength and position of the JX3 Beggar Sect) The Beggar Sect is a new sect and has a very interesting professional design. However, for the newly joined Beggar Sect, what is its position exactly?

The characteristic of Qi Zong is having strong control and output capabilities, and also decent speed in the game. Therefore, when it comes to farming maps, the Beggar Sect is a role with good output capabilities. It can also participate in targeted battles in PK. So before choosing this role, you must understand its characteristics!

Skill attribute introduction:

【Cloud Breaking Hand】Internal force consumption: 20 points

It attacks a single target, dealing external damage and knocking it into the air.【Drunken Song and Dance】Internal force consumption: 40 points, deals internal damage and immobilizes the target for 3 seconds.

Passive effect: Reduces self-damage by 5%.【Startling Image Step】Internal force consumption: 50 points, increases movement speed by 50%.【Swift Dodge】Increases external attack damage by 10%.【Dragon Swing Tail】(Active) Internal force consumption: 25 points, deals external damage and floats the target.

Active skill: Pulls all opponents in a fan-shaped area in front, causing multiple external damage. The last hit floats the opponent for 8 seconds.【Heaven’s Net Palm】Internal force consumption: 50 points, continuously attacks up to three enemies in front.

【Nine Yin True Scripture】Increases external attack damage by 15%.

Active skill: Summons the Eight Trigram Formation to attack all surrounding enemies, causing a large amount of external damage to enemy units.

Passive skill: Probability of recovering internal force when taking damage, slowly regenerates a small amount of health every second for 15 seconds.【Triple Yang Opening the World Technique (Inner Skill)】Internal force consumption: 50 points, increases self’s external attack power.

Passive effect: Increases self’s internal force limit by 1000 points, increases movement speed by 50%.【Star Shift Parry and Counter】When interrupted, quickly flashes behind the opponent at an extremely fast speed.

Active skill: When dodging successfully, can recover internal energy and deal double external damage to targets in a negative state.【Darkness Descends, Flames of Extinction】Increases external defense by 30%.

Active skill: Temporarily causes a large amount of external damage to surrounding enemy units, dealing an additional 30% external damage to targets in a negative state.【Undying Exorcism Art – Furious Gaze of the Vajra】Increases external defense by 20%, deals 50% more damage when attacking stunned enemies.【Seven Wounds Fist】Increases external damage by 30%, deals 50% more damage when attacking targets immobilized or frozen.

Passive effect: Increases internal energy value by 500, increases the probability of causing heavy injuries with external moves by 10%, lasts for 15 seconds.That’s all the content I have brought to you.

The Way of Qi Zong! Revealing the strength and position of the JX3 Beggar Sect

“Jian Wang 3” is a Tencent-developed MMORPG mobile game that uses an end-game engine to create and highly restore the world view of the martial arts world. The Beggar Sect is a profession that focuses on sword and stick techniques and is also a popular genre in the world of martial arts. Today, we will bring you the positioning of the Beggar Sect, skill and gameplay guides, and an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the sect!【Advantages】

Sect characteristic: Melee output. Disciples of the sect are all long-range attackers. They have agile and flexible body movements, can perform various moves, and have strong control abilities.

Attribute features: High health limit, strong defense, high internal damage.

Difficulty: 2 stars.

Sect background:

The most famous court in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms advocates “peace in the world”, which means that all evil in the world is controlled by justice. However, there are hidden secrets within the righteous path – some say, “The safety of the world does not depend on troubled times.”

Sect introduction:

As one with a powerful physique, appears weak on the outside, but is also able to defeat various opponents with their flexible movements and skillful punches and kicks.【Disadvantages】

1. Poor survival ability, low attack power, and low internal energy damage.

2. Poor survival ability, not outstanding internal energy damage, and slow movement speed.

3. Attack power is quite single, lacking explosive ability.

4. Slow attack speed, but with strong maneuverability, can utilize terrain and environment for battles.【Advantages】

1. Sect characteristic: Ranged, control. Disciples of the sect always stay on the side far from the battlefield, using extremely fast Qi Zong movements to attract the enemy’s attention.

2. Sect weapon: Long cane.

Uses Weapons: Short stick, dagger, hammer, spear, and other close-range weapons.【Advantages】

1. Attribute growth tends to be balanced, with high internal energy growth.

2. Strong internal energy attack of the sect, high external defense.

3. Extremely strong internal energy damage, fast movement speed, and powerful control abilities.

4. Average internal defense and internal energy damage capabilities.

5. Sect skills are all group attack skills.【Disadvantages】

The sect is positioned as a ranged output, with low internal defense capability and low survival ability.

Sect characteristics: Ranged, control, output. Disciples of the sect usually stay in a neutral position, with low agility, evasion, and critical hit rates.

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